Friday, March 22, 2013

City of Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado Makes a statement regarding the maquinitas

We came across another Maquinita story the other day while reading our friend Al Crespo's website where Al discusses how City of Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado acknowledged to the Miami Herald that the gambling machines aka "maquinitas" that he's been alleging for the last several years are legal forms of amusement are now "illegal".  This statement didn't phase me till last night when I was at a convenience store buying something and saw the front page of the Herald with this headline...

The sight of that headline really drove the point home, Regalado you fucking bumbling incompetent fool!  After all the turmoil you put the city and it's citizens through to protect the owners of these machines who support your dumb ass, now you come out and state the obvious and say that they're illegal!

So what's the story now?  Why the sudden change?  If you're to believe the rumors on the street, perhaps Regalado's about face has come about because there's word that his daughter, Raquel Regalado, is on the short list to replace recently resigned Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll.

Now if the mere rumor of Raquel becoming Lieutenant Governor isn't bad enough, here's something that will make you puke your guts out.  Everyone remember attorney Al Millan?  From Al Crespo's website...
When it came time to present the case against the Chief before the City Commission, the City Manager, Johnny “The Doormat” Martinez proved so incapable of doing the job that out of nowhere, the lawyer Al Millian was brought in to represent the City Manager against the Chief, like a relief pitcher who had been warming up in the bullpen being brought in to save the game in the last inning.

Millan was a lawyer who represented the maquinita owners, and he made no bones about the fact that his “clients” had no problem with his being there, because they agreed with the City Manager’s decision that the Chief needed to be fired.
Guess what Mr. Millan is up to?  The same Mr. Millan that represented the mob that owns the maquinitas and was instrumental in getting police chief Miguel Exposito fired?  Mr. Millan has just filed the required paperwork to run for circuit court judge!  If that isn't enough to make you sick, I don't know what is.

Like Al says, "It's Miami BITCHES!"

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