Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Enough with all the South Miami bullshit.

That's what some of our readers have been telling me, enough with the South Miami centered blog posts.  It's understandable, after all, we don't live in South Miami, don't know anyone that lives in South Miami and despite what some of our detractors have said, I'm not sleeping with anyone involved in South Miami politics or any of the three tellers that were arrested as part of the Airways Auto Tag mess nor do I have a vendetta against the city's police chief or his wife.  

So what happened to our blog that used to discuss all sorts of goings on at the State Attorney's office with tales of dirty prosecutors and lying cops?  What about all the fraudsters we used to expose?  As some of our followers know, we stumbled upon the whole City of South Miami mess because of the Miami Dade Police Department Detective (now patrolman) Jorge Baluja who investigated and subsequently arrested the three tellers that worked in the City of South Miami police chief's wife's tag agency.  From there purely by coincidence did we stumble upon the cesspool that is South Miami politics and the dirty operators behind the scenes like police chief Orlando Martinez de Castro.  Through our efforts we managed to help get the city manager fired and now have the city's police chief on the verge of getting fired because of the ethics investigation we initiated against him.

Why bring this all up now after spending over a year rambling on about South Miami?  It's rather simple, after talking to a friend who's employed by one of the major media outlets, I asked him, why no one is really paying attention to what's going on in South Miami, his answer was as follows:
No one cares about what's going on down there, it's a little two square mile town, it's small time, no one gives a shit.
That's when it dawned on me, what better place for fugitives from the City of Miami police department back political scene to plant there roots?  For these guys, Mirabile, Harms, Martinez de Castro, etc who were chased out of the City of Miami, could you think of a better place for them to take over other than sleepy little South Miami?  "Small Time", no one's paying attention, no one cares, the ideal place to scheme and scam without getting anyone's attention.  Perfect.  In fact, major media cares so little about what's going on down there, I'm told that embattled police chief Orlando Martinez de Castro and his wife sat down with a local reporter to tell there side of their story for over and an hour several months ago.  Has anyone seen anything in the media about said interview?  NOPE.  Why you ask?  When I reached out to the reporter he told me that besides sitting and listening to both of them lie for nearly an hour, nothing they told him, even if true, was interesting enough to write about.  LOL.

Oh well.  At least we now know why we don't here about most of the dirty dealings in South Miami anywhere but here.  Even if no one else gives a crap about what's going on, we're going to stick around a bit longer, at least till the chief is shown the door and the girls from the tag agency are acquitted.

Stay tuned, tomorrow we're going to propose a theory for a conspiracy that went on in South Miami so bizarre and elaborate that it makes the JFK conspiracy theorists look sane in comparison.


  1. Mike, don't tell me your backing down from all the bullshit you receive. Mike, now you need to put it in high gear and put more heat on the South Miami Police Deptand really close this chapter with a bang and I mean a big bang.. I love you

  2. Mike, there are people who care, the residence of CITY OF SOUTH MIAMI CARE.
    By the way have you watched the news lately, funny how Coconut Creek Officer is having a hard time getting charged by the States Attorney’s office too? Howard Finkelstein stated in a letter to the Department of Justice: "When the person they are investigating is a police officer, a politician or a wealthy person, they suddenly morph into defense lawyers and look for all the problems in the case to justify not charging that person." reminded me of our little sleepy cities concerns with the chief.

  3. Help Me Howard, Howard Finkelestein:
    "When the person they are investigating is a police officer, a politician or a wealthy person, they suddenly morph into defense lawyers and look for all the problems in the case to justify not charging that person."

    Read more: http://www.wsvn.com/news/articles/local/21010014035098/legal-battle-continues-between-local-public-defender-and-state-attorne/#ixzz2Mg3PGALw

  4. The MDC BOARD of Commishes STARTING TO Care??
    Agenda Date: 3/5/2013 Agenda Item Number: 8G1
    Chairwoman Bell expressed concern that the South Miami Community Redevelopment Agency’s (CRA) budget contained non-CRA related expenditures. She said these concerns were presented to County Mayor Gimenez, the CRA’s Director and the City of South Miami’s Acting Manager, specifically, the $83,000 expenditure for the Second Chance Economic Development Job Training Program; the $68,262 expenditure for Individual Scholarships; and the $7,000 Discretionary Funds for Board Members to provide supplemental assistance. Chairwoman Bell said these expenditures deviated from the CRA mission to improve slum and blight and she would not support the budget as presented. It was moved by Commissioner Suarez to defer the foregoing proposed ordinance, noting he would like to obtain additional information from the CRA in relation to Chairwoman Bell’s concerns. Commissioner Diaz questioned the CRA process used to establish guidelines. Chairwoman Bell explained that the County provided municipalities with Tax Increment Financing (TIF) so that CRAs could initiate projects to improve an areas property values, specifically targeting slum and blight. Ms. Jennifer Moon, Budget Director, Office of Management and Budget (OMB), responded that slum and blight was a necessary condition pursuant to State law to create a CRA.