Thursday, March 21, 2013

More conspiracy theories...

We left off yesterday promising to describe a conspiracy involving the City of South Miami's police chief, his wife's tag agency and the City of South  Miami that was going to knock your socks off.  Remember back when the Miami Herald asked former City of South Miami City Manager Hector Mirabile about the chief sending city business to his wife's tag agency, he responded by saying...
City Manager Hector Mirabile said Martinez de Castro knew nothing about the purchases at the time they were made, and when he found out, immediately told his staff to stop using his wife’s company.
OK!  Fair enough.  Considering we live in the land of "presumed innocent until proven guilty", let's presume that both city manager Mirabile and embattled police cheif Martinez de Castro were telling the truth.  For the sake of our discussion, let's say that neither the chief or the city manager knew anything about the city sending business over to the chief's wife's business despite the fact that it's clearly against the city's own rules and laws.

Ok, now put on your tin foil hats and let's see exactly what would have to happen in order for this to have occurred.  On one end of the story, we would have to have the entire City of South Miami accounting department, police department and city manager's department conspiring to keep the fact that they're sending business to the chief's wife's business a secret from the chief himself.  Remember, everyone involved knew that steering business to a city employee's family business was a violation of the city's ethics rules, so in order to keep the chief out of trouble, they would have had to keep the entire enterprise from being discovered by the chief.  As preposterous as that may sound, this part of the conspiracy had to involve at least half a dozen or more people from the city.

Now on the other end of the spectrum, we have the conspiracy that was afoot over at the Chief's wife's tag agency as well as the chief's own household.  Consider that the chief visited his wife's business frequently during business hours and since he had family members working at the tag agency, it's entirely possible that there was tag agency related discussions over at the chief's house after work.  Now consider that in order for the chief not to know that the family's business was doing business with the City of South Miami, all of the tag agency's employees as well as his family members that worked there would have conspired to keep the illegal transactions a secret from the chief!  Once again, this part of the conspiracy would have involved at least another half a dozen people!

Now that's some funny shit.  Think about it, if we're to believe the chief's assertions that he knew nothing about what was going on between the city and his family's business, we would have to buy into this massive conspiracy between the employees of the City of South Miami and Airways Auto Tag where the deliberately broke the law and kept the chief from finding out what they were up to.  Even worse, for those of you who know Orlando Martinez de Castro's style of micro managing everything he's involved in, it's even more preposterous to buy into his assertions of "I didn't know what was going on".

If you buy that story, then you'll love my new tag that I just got from the chief's wife's tag agency...


  1. The Ethics Board has to subpoena former Purchasing Director Kathy Vazquez, who was purchasing director the first time OMC was chief. She knows if he knew.

  2. The problem with this whole story and crime is that nothing has been done!

    1. The chief knew
    2. Hecotr Mirablile knew
    2. Ana Baixauli knew
    3. Rene Landa knew
    4. Hell the SM PD knew but could not discuss it - in fear of their jobs or careers!
    NOW the residence know, the Miami Dade Ethic Board/Committee knows as does slow foot Joe, and still nothing has been done!

    So what the blip Mike, Hell! even the redhead with ADHD of south miami knew of the chief and his auto tag crime.
    That asswipe ADAH redhead wont address that issue, will she! NO but she can address the bullshite that she regurgitates
    out of that pie-whole called a mouth piece. False accusations every time she opens her pie-whole.
    Something like a scene of a bad burrito and an upset stomach! Diarrhea, more or less a fluidity stools!
    The redhead spews more fluidity stools of false statements out of her pie-whole called a mouth piece then the chief does.
    The chief knows when to be quite at lest. But the redhead she really think everyone listens, respects or even care of her runny words?
    Hey Redhead, get a lift on your droopy parts! Your an unbelievable view, and everyone knows your Newman's Bitch!

    1. what is so amazing is that she forgot how the police department made fun of her cancer and her missing body part, now she is best friends with some of the most corrupt unethical and disgusting people.

  3. Store be told it is believed she has cobwebs. She is so screwed up and no one wants it.

  4. "Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence." Napoleon Bonaparte

    "Many journalists have fallen for the conspiracy theory of government. I do assure you that they would produce more accurate work if they adhered to the cock-up theory." Sir Bernard Ingham

    1. "If is looks like a Turd, smells like a Turn - then you dummy-ass it tis a Fuckin TURD"
      "March 21, 2013 Anonymous"

  5. Delay tactics is all that is being practiced here.
    Remember when valerie newman hurley used them long enough to have the laws changed so she could not be charged for violating them???

    Right now there are numerous helicopters over City of South Miami Area

    1. When I think of dear commissioner newman, i get this damn image of JABBA THE HUT, Why?

  6. South Miami K-8 Center and South Miami Middle School are on lockdown after police set up a perimeter in the area

  7. Strawbuyer, keep up the great work, and a question for you. We know that it is illegal and unethical for the city to knowingly do business with a city employee or family member. For that, OMDC deserves the long over-due sh-t can.
    But, do we know the scope of this business relationship? Was it hundred's of auto tags, over what length of time? How much money changed hands? Can you find this out?
    Or, do we need to wait for the Miami Dade Ethics Commission, presently moving at the pace of a sloth stuck in wet paint?

    1. If the city waits on miami dade ethics commission, then nothing will happen. this illegal stuff will continue. Fire the SOB, recall newman.

  8. OMG's family bought Airways Auto Tag in 2002. Shortly after OMG was promoted to chief and City began using Airways instead of local tag agencies. OMG was fired in 2006 and city's use dropped off. OMG was rehired in 2010 and city business to Airways picked up. Total take by family? Small potatoes. Especially compared to what he's probably spent in lawyers to fight the charges. Why'd they do it? Because they were sure they'd get away with it. (oops) But that was the tip of the iceberg... OMG bought clothes for SMPD from a family company. OMG's son got a sales job at Unifirst, then the City opened an account with Unifirst. OMG returned to South Miami and city business with Lou's Police Distributors doubled or tripled. Then, by sheer coincidence, OMC's son gets hired there. And there were stories of more twisted deals: local car dealer bought tags from Airways, and the South Miami PD bought patrol cars from same car dealer, dealer contributed to Valerie Newman Hurley's political campaign. OMG also directed lots of city business to his pals, police dogs, lobbyist services, carpeting, whatever. Nobody except OMG knows the extent of it, and he says crazy stuff, like his family doesn't even own the tag agency, or he didn't know his department was using his wife's company... uh huh.

  9. I think what the temp city manager, mayor and commission - those who care need to realize at this point is that the people need for them to move on this item and enough of the BS. It’s been around for a while over a year, to long and yet the only thing that is done is your blog Mike and an attempt to have the ethics commission address the matter. Other actions, even addressing the Miami Dade County Ethics Commission has failed. Obtaining a "Probable Cause" is not action but an attempt to prolong the final judgment of which no one seems able to execute on this crime of doing business with the chief’s family auto tag agency. Probable Cause is a joke! in this case. The ethics commission has not moved on this, and we know they won’t. The chief is one the boys and in the family circle. Your blog is nice, informative and your theories surrounding the chief are NOT crazy, not by a long shot. You’re on queue Mike, but the residence desire and deserve more than the blog for this violation. The residence desire and deserve action on this violation. What we have now is: An Temp city manager who earns$15,000.00 per month. Started in January and its now March 22. That is $45,000.00 of our hard earned dollars and yet the chief is still aboard and the proof of his doing business is just one of many proven illegals that he has committed against our city, our trust in his leading the police department as an law enforcement officer. He is stealing our tax dollars right in the commission faces committing white collar crimes, by diverting the funds to his family and friends with one hand, and on the other hand arresting the nickel and dime dope dealers. Not one is better than the other crime. It would not be so bad, except he is the head of our law enforcement. By now and 3 months later the temp city manager has had time to independently view the evidence and make a judgment to either terminate the chief or we need to stop the pursuit of justice. As there will be none for this case of the City of South Miami Police Chief and his staff doing business with his wife’s and family’s owned auto tag agency.
    I wonder, if this was Bobby Richardson – would he still be the chief of police? A year after its brought to the public awareness. No! I think not.
    Mayor and Commissioners – fire the Chief. You all know the man committed crimes and there is no way around this. Ethics won’t address this as a bail out! Only Newman and Josh has had an issue with identifying and realizing the truth thus far on this auto tag violation of a few listed violations. The failure to remove him from office after providing all this proof will not look good in the future, and is not easily explained away by you all later, those who did not act to avoid further violations against the residence and our city.

  10. It is up to the taxpayers of the city of south miami to have the south miami Police chief removed by directing the city manager to do so.
    either by emails or phone calls.

  11. The micossukee tribe just let Richardson go no reason just fired him. SIMPLE. SEE THE DIFFERENCE.

  12. forget about the local laws and ethics south miami should be filing complaints with the federal DOJ....