Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wacky conspiracy theories...

I must apologize to our loyal readers for my sporadic posting of late, I've been extremely busy out in the real world and haven't had enough time to dedicate to the blog and all the things we've been talking about.  Today, I'd like you guys to think of all the various conspiracy theories that we've all heard about throughout the years, whether it's the moon landing hoax conspiracy, the Pearly Harbor attack conspiracy or the JFK assassination conspiracy.  Think about how many moving parts each of these conspiracies have and just how many people have to participate in the stories to make them viable.

With that in mind, I'd like you to revisit this statement from former City of South Miami city manager Hector Mirabile when asked for a statement from the Miami Herald regarding the Chief of Police, Orlando Martinez de Castro, sending city business to his wife's tag agency...

City Manager Hector Mirabile said Martinez de Castro knew nothing about the purchases at the time they were made, and when he found out, immediately told his staff to stop using his wife’s company.
Think about that statement, we'll discuss tomorrow when we discover a conspiracy over at the City of South Miami that will make the moon landing hoax pale in comparison!

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  1. Subpoena former Purchasing Director Kathy Vazquez