Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dunn da Dunn Dunn DONE! More fun with Reverend Richard Dunn's wonky campaign finance report for his City of Miami district five commission seat campaign.

Dunn da Dunn Dunn DONE!

We left off last week discussing Reverend Richard Dunn's peculiar campaign finance report for his run for the City of Miami district 5 commission seat.  Throughout Mr. Dunn's campaign treasurer's report there are tons of inconsistencies, our friend Al Crespo covered some of them the other day, the Miami Herald covered some of Mr. Dunn's strange eating habits documented on the same report that suggest that Mr. Dunn may be living off of his campaign funds and now the Miami Herald reports that there are several of Mr. Dunn's campaign workers that have stated that they haven't gotten paid nearly as much as the report states they have and even worse, that they've been paid in cash rather than check as indicated in the report, from the Herald article...
Two women who have done work for the Rev. Richard P. Dunn’s campaign say they were paid in cash - a violation of state election law if true - and that they were not paid as many times as the front-runner for Miami’s District 5 seat claims on his most recent campaign finance report.
“I was paid maybe $150 or $180 altogether, $20 a day, maybe eight times,” said Richards. “I was paid in cash, never a check.”
The checks ranged in amounts from a low of $60 on Sept. 5 to a high of $3,000 on Sept. 27.
The report does not list the women individually or give their addresses, both requirements under state law. 
She said she was paid only in cash, and not every time she worked. Jackson said she was usually given small cards with Dunn’s biography on them and was told to pass them around. She said she was told a bigger payday would come if Dunn won the seat.
YIKES!  If true, this could create some massive problems for Mr. Dunn that may rise to the level of criminality.  With that said, I think this part could possibly help explain much of the shenanigans surrounding Mr. Dunn's campaign finances...
Dunn has had money problems in his career. He resigned as assistant pastor at Drake Memorial Baptist Church in the early 1990s after confessing to the board of trustees that he had used church funds for personal expenses. Dunn eventually paid the church back.
Public records show that his wife, Daphne, filed for personal bankruptcy in January 2012.
Winn Dixie!
Now, with that said, I think we should take a look at some of the expenditures on Mr. Dunn's campaign finance report that have been overlooked, first we'll start with Mr. Dunn's visits to Winn Dixie supermarket.  During the period of time that this campaign treasurer's report covers, Mr. Dunn lists 9 visits to Winn Dixie where he spent anywhere from $2.49 for what's listed as "Juice" all the way to $140 for what's listed as "food & water".  What I find bizarre about Mr. Dunn's visits to Winn Dixie is at least five of his receipts end up in nice round numbers, respectively $80.00, $120.00, $120.00, $40.00 and $140.00.  What are the chances that Mr. Dunn's purchases at the supermarket ended up with such nice round numbers?  Honestly folks, in all my years shopping at various grocery stores, I don't think I've gotten totals like that more than once let alone five times in the matter of two months!  The same goes for Mr. Dunn's receipts from Office Depot, take a look for yourselves, his receipts are as follows: $40.00, $20.00, $100.00, and $100.00, who the hell shops at Office Depot and manages to get such nice round numbers when they check out?  While Mr. Dunn may have figured out a way to make the cashier's lives at Winn Dixie and Office Depot easier when giving him change, something seems off here to say the least. 

Another issue that I think that't's worth noting is Mr. Dunn's peculiar gas expenditures.  We're told that Mr Dunn drives a Chrysler 300, if true the car is reported to get around 23 mpg with the V6 engine or 19 mpg with the V8 engine.  With that in mind, why the hell is Mr. Dunn purchasing gas $10, $18, $16 or $6 dollars at a time?  How far will $6 dollars worth of gas get you in a car like Mr. Dunn's?  20 miles maybe?!  Who the hell has ever rolled up to a gas station and purchased $6 worth of gas?!  WTF?  

While there may be nothing wrong with the campaign expenditures that we've discussed today, based on Mr. Dunn's troubling financial past, I think what we've found certainly merits additional investigation by the proper authorities.  Even if it's all on the up and up, the cloud of financial uncertainty that surrounds Mr. Dunn and his campaign is enough for any reasonable person to wonder if he's fit enough to handle the financial matters for district five.

That's enough for today, we're going to mine Mr. Dunn's campaign reports for additional anomalies and report back tomorrow.


  1. perhaps Valdora Arthur can end a few round figures
    with her pension that she get even though committed a Felony 'on duty'

  2. Dunn is a piece of crap who claims to aid the people of poverty and in the interest of justice

  3. Whoa, that's a lot of lottery tickets! Has TheStrawBuyer alerted the Florida Dept of Elections?

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