Friday, October 25, 2013

Meanwhile, back in the City of Miami...

Keon Hardemon
Some of our critics have accused us lately of becoming a City of South Miami centric blog, I can't disagree as it seems like a disproportionate number of our stories of late have been about the goings on in South Miami.  With that said, I think it's time we make mention of what's happening over at the City of Miami, specifically in the race to replace termed out District 5 commissioner, Michelle Spence-Jones.  Up until a few weeks ago the word on the street seemed to be that a victory for that jackass Reverend Richard Dunn was all but a foregone conclusion, there were a couple of also rans running for the seat along with a public defender named Keon Hardemon.  I'll have to be honest, I knew little to nothing about Mr. Hardemon till recently other than what I gleaned from the recent Herald article about him...
Hardemon was born in Liberty City and is a graduate of Northwestern High, Florida A&M University and University of Miami law school. He has spent the past three years working for the Miami-Dade public defender’s office, and proved to be a feisty and formidable campaigner while losing to incumbent County Commissioner Audrey Edmonson last year.

A member of one of Liberty City’s most powerful political families, Hardemon could prove more than a bump in the road for Dunn, whose only opposition for the November election until now was political unknown Dr. Robert Malone Jr., who has raised $100.
Keon Hardemon’s uncle and aunt are Billy and Barbara Hardemon. The couple came to prominence through social activism after the 1980 McDuffie riots, helping late Commissioner Miller Dawkins and former U.S. Rep. Carrie Meek catapult to office.
Just that little bit about Mr. Hardemon along with the fact that he chose to practice law as a criminal public defender helping those stuck in the criminal justice system that can least afford to help themselves is more than enough to win me over when compared to that zoot suit wearing, lying and conniving jerk, Richard Dunn.  

Two things stick out in my mind when Mr. Dunn comes to mind, first his pledge to the City of Miami commission and the city's citizens that after being appointed for the district 5 commission seat, he wouldn't run for the same seat at the next election, from the South Florida times article...
“That was the agreement that the commissioners wanted me to make,” said Dunn, who lives in Liberty City. “I told them that if it was the wish of the commission, then I would honor that.’’
Great, so he makes a deal with the people of Miami to not run for the seat he was just appointed for then he backtracks and goes back on his word, from the same article...
“Even though you have made a commitment, or pledge -- if you will, to the commission--it’s really the district that makes the decision as to who their representative should be.”
Oh, ok.  Forget about the promise that you made to the citizens and your fellow commissioners, fuck it, what's your word worth anyway?  According to his own former constituents, not much!
Tillman Sneed, a lifelong resident of Overtown, said he is not surprised about what he called “Dunn’s switching of hats.” 
Sneed said, “It was a matter of time before this went to his head, is what I say. This is not someone who cares about the district and we don’t need a chameleon. Does his promise mean anything?”
Victoria Pierre, a 14-year resident of Little Haiti, said she does not feel that Dunn, as a pastor, needs to “put his foot in politics.” 
Pierre said, “Church and politics don’t mix, and District 5 is in great need of many things. I’m just not sure what he is bringing to the table, but I know we don’t need someone who is all talk. And that’s what I see. Being a pastor does not remove him from corruption or mean that he is experienced.”

The second thing that comes to mind when I think of Mr. Dunn is the audacity he had, after having to leave office when Michelle Spence-Jones returned to her commission seat in 2011, when he asked the city to reimburse him in full for his salary and benefits through 2013!!!!  WTF?!  Any doubt what Mr. Dunn is really about?!

Come on!  How this man has the nerve to run for this commission seat again is beyond me.  What's even more alarming is that up until a few days ago, Mr. Dunn was favored to win, luckily the most recent polling suggests that Mr Hardemon is a couple of points ahead.

That's enough for now, I'll leave you with Mr. Dunn's most recent campaign treasurers report to mull over, we're going to tear it apart next week.  Till then...

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  1. How many things at Winn Dixie cost exactly $120.00 or $80.00. Who uses campaign contributions for scholarships in the middle of a campaign? When was the last time anyone bought $7.00 worth of gasoline? This is the goofiest campaign expense report you've ever seen!

  2. Hey Mike why don't you just leave the City of Miami to Crespo, (he is doing a great job there) and dedicate yourself to the County where there is plenty of shit to look into and nobody is doing it.

    1. Come on! How can I ignore Dunn? It's like shooting fish in a barrel!

    2. Dude. Shooting fish in a barrel sucks. First the scales clog your needle, and after a while your back gets sore.

  3. Excuse me Mike but I think you're forgetting to report about Dr. Robert Malone (give the guy some love, he's the activist favorite!) Also, the Miami Herald article you are reporting from is so old that Hardemon wasn't even running at the time of its publishing. Hardemon is a 29 year old with zero life or business experience (he just graduated law school 2 years ago). Worst yet the "Hardemon" name is synonymous with corruption and his close association to Comm. Michelle Spence-Jones who Dan Ricker says is helping him to land the top CRA job is very wrong... With the Hardemon family and Comm. Michelle Spence-Jones pulling Keon's strings we have no idea what we'll get if he wins.

    A few resources for you:

    "Keon Hardemon Could Carry Liberty City's Most Notorious Political Family Into County Hall" (Miami New Times, 2012)

    "Miami District 5 candidates meet Upper Eastside voters" (Miami Herald, 2013)

    And the most comprehensive write-up so far is:

    "New District, New Voters, New Influence" (BIscayne Times, 2013)

  4. Keon is a lightweight who is being "managed" by disgraced Spence-Jones and by his various relatives who act as lobbyists while failing to register as lobbyists. Vote Colyer or Malone.

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