Tuesday, October 1, 2013

While we're waiting for the City of South Miami to respond to my public information request...

I know it's been a busy couple of weeks over at the City of South Miami with fighting former chief Orlando Martinez de Castro's attorneys and their efforts to get him reinstated and all, so it's understandable that they haven't responded to my public information requests regarding GPS tracking devices placed on peoples car by the former police chief.  Now that the fuss is seemingly over with the former chief and his attorneys, I'm sure the city clerk will get me the records I requested in short order.

With that said, while we're waiting for the documents associated with these GPS tracking devices, why don'w we take a gander at one the actual devices that former chief Orlando Martinez de Castro is alleged to have put on one of his foe's city vehicles, take a look for yourselves...

That's nice, isn't it?  I wonder why someone would find it necessary to put one of these devices on someones car?  Perhaps whoever put it on the car was concerned about the drivers well being?  Sort of like a personalized OnStar system?  Maybe like "Oh, so and so got a flat, send a truck out there ASAP to help!"  I doubt it.  

Let's not forget that installing one of these devices on someones car without the proper authorization is highly illegal, while we're waiting for documentation authorizing the installation of this device on someones car, does anyone want to bet whether or not we're going to get any?


  1. Did the chief have one put on his police issued auto?

    I bet he did not.

  2. Miami has been and is an epicenter for official corruption at the service of criminal enterprise.

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