Thursday, February 24, 2011

City of Miami Assistant Fire Chief Veldora Arthur wants to help you fix your credit!


Don't even get me started, I can't begin to describe how pissed off I am right now over this nonsense.  Look where where we're at right now...
  • Record unemployment
  • Record foreclosures
  • Record Bankruptcies
  • Honest hardworking government employees getting their pay and benefit packages cut
  • Cities and municipalities teetering on the verge of bankruptcy
I don't need to restate the obvious about the economic state our country is in right now, to add insult to injury we're living in a city that's being described as one of the most corrupt cities on the country.  Fantastic.

In the middle of all this mayhem we have none other than Veldora Arthur, the City of Miami's first black female assistant fire chief who between her base salary and benefits gets paid close to three hundred thousand dollars a year by the City of Miami tax payers.  Now, let's put that into perspective, let's assume that her position as the Assistant Fire Chief requires her to be at work say from nine to five and let's just say for the sake of argument that she puts in a forty hour work week, that works out to about $144 per hour assuming that she works 52 weeks a year and takes no vacations.  Let's disregard her benefits and figure out her hourly rate based on her base salary, $184,336.44,  again assuming she takes no vacations and works a full 52 weeks per year, that comes out to roughly $88 per hour.  I'm sure City of Miami firefighters who actually put out fires don't make that kind of money!  Now, how many of you guys make that much money?!  Not many of us I guess, at the very least, I DON'T!  

I ran those numbers over the last couple of days and started to get all worked up, things got even worse when we got this comment on our blog on Tuesday...

Veldora Arthur comes in at 10:00 and leaves at 4:00p.m. She doesn't come in to work, but does not take any time off the books. Works, better yet, shows up to work for 20 hours a week. 
WHAT THE FUCK!  Let's forget about the federal mortgage fraud indictment she was named in for a moment and simply consider the audacity of this statement, this woman makes nearly $300,000 per year and comes in to work for a few hours a day?  What gives!  I started looking around then stumbled on to this website, as always click on the image to enlarge...

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!  Take a closer look...

Here's the text of that quote...
The credit workshop was very informative.  The real life scenarios were exceptional and very realistic.  I related to some of the scenarios and such was able to come up with realistic solutions. The information on short sales and foreclosures was invaluable and right on target.  I will be referring my clients and my friends to "" for credit restoration.
-Veldora Arthur
HUH?!  "I related to some of the scenarios...The information on short sales and foreclosures was invaluable and right on target."  No kidding!  The feds certainly seem to think so!  Could this be for real?!  

Let's disregard all the bullshit in this quote and cut right to the "I will be referring my clients" part.  Clients?  WHAT CLIENTS?  Let me see, as an employee of the City of Miami fire department, who the hell are your clients?  The guy whose house just burnt down?  Or maybe the little kid who got her cat stuck up in a tree?  Perhaps the guy who called 911 after getting his penis caught in a bottle?  (not me I swear)  Why would any of these people need "credit restoration"??   The question that we're left to ponder is WHO THE HELL ARE THESE CLIENTS SHE'S REFERRING TO?!  A quick trip to the Florida division of corporations website helped answer that question, here's what we found...

veldora arthur articles of incorporation for capitol investment enterprise, llc                                                            

Here we have the articles of incorporation for a company owned by Ms. Arthur named Capitol Investment Enterprise, LLC.  Interesting, next we find this...

veldora arthur articles of incorporation for hidden bay properties, llc                                                            

Nice, here we have the articles of incorporation for a second company owned by Ms. Arthur, Hidden Bay Properties, LLC, a company that coincidentally is named after the condominium where all the units involved in the federal mortgage fraud indictment were located.  Another important detail to note is that the company is co owned by none other than Neil Fagan, the man who is accused of orchestrating the mortgage fraud scheme that they were both federally indicted for.  So much for her lawyers "she didn't know what was going on" explanation, right?

Last but not least we have this third corporation owned by Ms. Arthur...

veldora arthur articles of incorporation for financial solutions team, llc                                                            

No kidding, Ms. Arthur also owns a company called Financial Solutions Team, LLC.  Now that's nice isn't it?  You think the clients she was referring to in her testimonial for the credit repair company were customers from Financial Solutions Team, LLC?  Now comes the next question, when did Ms. Arthur find time during her work day to service these clients?  After all, her position at the Fire Department didn't call for odd hours, from what we understand she had a nine to five desk job so where did she find the time to attend to this or any other business let alone it's clients?

If Ms. Arthur's glowing review of the company that lists among it's products a book called "It's OK not to pay" wasn't bad enough, now we're left to consider the fact that she was running not one but at least three other businesses while on city time.  That's where I draw the line, we're all wallowing through the mud of this economic downturn and this woman is running three different businesses while stealing collecting $300,000 per year from struggling tax payers?  Not to mention whatever she garnered from her foray into mortgage and real estate fraud and then having the gaul to want to help her "clients" repair their credit?!  WTF!

Our justice system operates on the presumption of innocence, so put the federal fraud indictment aside for the moment, Ms. Arthur needs to be investigated and held accountable for what shes been doing on City time while being paid by the tax payers.  Based on what little research I've done and the comments that we've had on our blog over the last few days, it certainly sounds like she's got some explaining to do.   

In the mean time, Mayor Regalado and City Manager Tony Crapp, for christ's sake, do the right thing and suspend this woman immediately!  As one of our readers, mentioned yesterday, it's what you're required to do as part of your administrative policy!

More tomorrow...


  1. This is par for the course. Where is the approval for outside employment that is required under the city's administrative policy manual?

    I guess it's the same bullshit - Larry Spring the city CFO that ran the city into bankruptcy has companies - no outside employment approval. Wilbur Jackson, firefighter, made $300,000 by running Marc Sarnoff's campaign - no outside employment approval. Angel Zayon, Regalado's hand picked media megaphone, no outside employment approval

    Taxpayers get ripped off over and over again. And in Ms. Arthur's case, we get to foot the bill for her outrageous pay and benefits, the economic bailout necessitated by her fraudulent activities, the prosecution of her case and eventually, I hope, her incarceration.

  2. Well done. The city of Miami is burning to the ground and then we have this bitch raking in $300k per year while not even living in the city. The rank and file should have her and the people who put her in her position heads on a plate.

  3. Straw Buyer,

    I work in the MRC where Veldora Arthur works out of. As a matter of fact, I work on the 10th floor in the Fire Inspection Division. It is true Veldora came in at 10:00a.m. and left around 4:00p.m. She quite often was a no show, but her time was never recorded. Furthermore, Veldor Arthur conducted her business, while on City time. She had a bluetooth earpiece glued to her hear and was on her phone non-stop. All of her colleagues and my bosses Chief Kemp and Chief Duren were aware of this and never did anything.

  4. Another pig at the trough. We need a Cairo style revolution right here in Miami-Dade county.

  5. I wonder if this will be enough to get all those corrupt a-holes out of there. What gives? How can this kind of deceit and misuse of taxpayer dollars be allowed in such a blatant fashion. Oh Ms. Arthur, what were you thinking. Any news on the arraignment?

  6. Making all that money and she didn't touch any sick people or put out any fires. You can google her name and come-up with all sorts of info on searches.

    I used her name on Miami Dade Property Appraiser and found she owns this property:

    If you go the Broward site you will not see her name listed unless you use this name Veldora Arthur-Diop.

    You fail to mention the conferences and seminars she appearantly go to though the course of her business. Well, at least we have the best rated fire department. So what about what makes it that way.

  7. she has earned no respect on the job, zero work ethic, as far as asst fire chief she is personal friend of chief kemp and thats why shes there. shame is, no one can or will address her unethical, irresposibility & illegal choices. total embarrassment to the dept. current administration is a joke

  8. As a taxpayer in the City of Miami I am disgusted.

    When will Chief Kemp fire this indicted unethical employee?

  9. Chief Kemp?
    Employee was indicted?
    Still on payroll?

  10. Clerk of courts is always a better place to see what's happening than just looking at the property appraiser site!

  11. ust for your edification the Fire Chief Maurice Kemp can take affirmative steps against Veldora Arthur. So why is Veldora being employed because of Molicious.

    If you want your voice to be heard by Chief Maurice Kemp about his decision on not suspending Veldora Arthur and want to ask questions about his relationship with her, send him a letter to his home address at 19351 NW 6TH ST PEMBROKE PINES FL 33029-3251.

  12. You wonder about her 3 companies and clients but here something else to investigate.....Veldora Arthurs education that that city taxpayers(I was one) paid....When ? where? and How did she accomplish these credentials? Its very easy to prove her outrageous salary and that she has been at a desk job but look up her school records and my opinion is you will find she was "double dipping"... another fraud. While she was suppose to be working for the fire dept. it is pretty much common knowledge that she was physically absent most of the time and when present not doing her job ...... what in fact has she been doing all these years?????Can somebody please find out???

  13. Honor in this uniformMarch 3, 2011 at 2:13 PM

    While reading these comments I get an eerie feeling. This type of animosity, hatred and blood thirsty dialect that’s being cloaked behind anonymity, fearfully reminds me of a time when an American could be drug out of there home by an angry mob cloaked behind a hood. I am neither defending nor in defense of Chief Valdora Arthur. I am appealing to civility and asking for integrity on the part those who wear this uniform. Whenever there is tragedy or death to one who wears this uniform we have always pulled together, there is at this time an opportunity for us to show this City and the rest of the country what this BROTHERHOOD and SISTERHOOD stands for. These situations are as bad as death, not just to the accused but to her children and parents and yes, her friends though there seem to be none. I am reminded of a story in which a woman was found guilty of a crime of which the punishment was death. The judge, before passing sentence asked the crowed, “Who of you is without some sort of guilt?” there was no answer. Let us look within at this time and ask ourselves, would I want this sort of venomous rhetoric spewed about (me) in this way? Would I want my address put out in this type of public forum? Would I want my children and family subjected to the public scrutiny this could bring?
    I hope there is still some HONOR in wearing this uniform.

  14. I've only posted the cleanest comments, you should see the comments that I've rejected!

    Btw, no personal information has been posted on this blog, all the information that has been posted is available via recorded public documents.

  15. May 30 ,1990 was the last time she ever worked as a firefighter