Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines day and another foreclosure mill gets SLAMMED in court.

Doesn't that seem like an appropriate Valentines day card for the wife beating mortgage fraudster we discussed last week?  Beat the woman once and get charged while you're sitting in jail for your nefarious mortgage fraud dealings then get charged for beating her again when you get out of jail on not one but two different bonds without having either of them revoked.  Even stranger, somehow all the charges stemming from the two domestic violence charges get dismissed less than a month later.  Does any of that seem strange to you?  Check our comments section from last Friday, at least one of our readers caught on to what was really going on.  We'll discuss in depth a little later.

Now, let's get back to mortgage fraud, same old ingredients, fake documents, fraud, foreclosed property, etc, except this time the fraud is coming from the other side of the table.  Check this amazing story in the Palm Beach Post over the weekend.  We have attorneys from foreclosure mill Ben-Ezra & Katz lying to the court, misleading the court by filing bogus paperwork and misrepresenting the facts of a case...
A day after federal mortgage giant Fannie Mae fired the prominent law firm of Ben-Ezra & Katz, a Miami judge found the firm's founding partner, Marc Ben-Ezra, in contempt of court for filing "sham" foreclosure documents and "wasting the court's time."
Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Maxine Cohen Lando expressed her displeasure Friday in a case that involved a property in Homestead with a $265,134 foreclosure judgment issued in July.
Lando said the so-called original note and original mortgage were filed months after the bank said those documents were lost.
"That in itself is a fraud upon the court," Lando wrote in an order to show cause as to why she should not hold Ben-Ezra & Katz attorneys in contempt

But, she added, the action "pales in comparison" to the fact that the mortgage and note are to a different property in Lehigh Acres, and that the documents are improperly signed and notarized. Lando said her verbal contempt finding on Friday would be followed by a written order.  
If that wasn't enough...
The judge dismissed the foreclosure case and banned the lender from refiling it. 
WELL DONE!  Now understand, I'm not applauding the fact that someone who didn't pay their mortgage got off scott free and is going to end up keeping a home that doesn't belong to them, what I am applauding is the fact that some shitbag foreclosure attorney is getting his ass handed to him on a plate by Judge Lando.  It's about time that attorneys who perpetrate a fraud upon the court are dealt with accordingly.

That leads us to the next question, if indeed the attorneys from Ben-Ezra & Katz are punished accordingly for their behavior before Judge Lando, how should we expect a judge to react when the attorney who's lying to the court is a prosecutor?  We'll see tomorrow, it looks like it's time to break out some of our audio recordings...

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