Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Domestic violence with a dash of mortgage fraud...

So you just got busted for mortgage fraud and are being accused of ripping off a bank to the tune of nearly $500,000.  Your sorry ass sits in jail for nearly two weeks until your family can get together the money for your $450,000 bond.  Your family and friends finally get together the money to get you out of jail and the state agrees to let you out but with the condition of being under house arrest with a monitor (aka lojack) attached to your ankle.  Not the best of circumstances but at least you're out on the street after spending 13+ days in jail.

What's the first thing you do when you get home?  Beat the shit out of your wife, what else?!  Now, the wife beating alone should have been enough to lock your ass up for a few days, but consider that you were just let out of jail on a fcuking $450,000 bond and on house arrest to boot!  Wouldn't this instance of domestic violence have been enough to revoke your bond?  Not in this case folks, not only was it not enough to get the bond revoked, but the wife beater in question was out on the streets the very next day and had all the charges against him dismissed less than a month later.

Something is rotten about this story, I'm not going to publish names until I get some proof as to what happened.  Looks like we're off to the courthouse tomorrow...

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