Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Time for a field trip!

Why not? I'm dying to see where the person who purchased the house that's at the center of the mortgage fraud that we've discussed over the last week lives. From the recorded documents we learned that Leonor Essonreid purchases a home in lovely Coral Gables from John Arthur Romney AKA Property Collateral Inc for the hefty sum of $1,080,000. Take a look for yourselves, isn't 911 Columbus Blvd a lovely piece of real estate?

I have to wonder, what kind of home did she have before this purchase? Maybe something less expensive in the Gables? Perhaps an apartment on Brickell? Maybe even an older art deco home on the beach? Let's find out, first we find her address as it appears on the mortgage for the property located at 911 Columbus Blvd...

There it is outlined in red, 421 East 15th St Apartment 4, Hialeah Florida. Ok, now we're off to see what kind of lovely home Ms. Essonreid owned before trading up to a home in one of the most affluent areas of South Florida. From a quick map quest search we find that Ms. Essonreid lives right around the corner from the world famous Hialeah race track...

Ok, so it's off to Hialeah where we find 421 East 15th St...

Oh god that can't be right! Let's look again...

It turns out that Ms Essonreid does indeed live in this little 1,839 square foot home, to add insult to injury, she lives in one of four 460 square foot efficiencies that makes up this little fourplex. Interesting how someone living in one of the poorest areas in Miami can go ahead and move up to a home in one of the wealthiest areas of Miami that probably has a walk in closet thats the same size as her current home!

Interesting step up for Ms Essonreid huh? Tomorrow we move on to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!


  1. Are the loan apps public record? If so, what type of #'s did she put on the application to receive the loan?

  2. Why hasn't this woman or the people who orchastrated this fraud been arrested? What's the state position?