Sunday, August 5, 2012

Absentee ballot fraud prevention taken to another level...

Daisy Cabrera, alleged absentee ballot fraudster pictured with Mayor Gimenez

With all the noise about absentee ballot fraud recently, two Miami Dade legislative candidates have decided to put there money where there mouths are.  According to this flyer put out by candidates for state house, Ross Hancock and Dr. Jeff Solomon, they will pay anyone $1,000 for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of people committing absentee ballot fraud.  Check out the flyer...

Absentee Ballot Fraud Reward

Sounds legit!  Visit their website for more info.  But here's the real question.  Considering how pervasive this type of voting fraud is, why is it left to two candidates for state house to put something like this together?  Shouldn't the state attorneys office or the police be offering a reward like this?

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  1. It is certainly not just left up to 2 candidates running for office, but we must gove kudos to the only two people to put it out in a public forum. It is up to every citizen to ensure a safe means for voting.. As most know this has been an onging problem for years, but unfortunately heads have continued to be turned in the wrong dorection allowing it to continue. Ms. Cabera was not the first person caught on video. There have have been others, but again, no action was taken to prevent it from continuing. The real issue here for all to consider is that the State Attorney has not done her job. I personally have reported these crimes to the State Attorneys office, FDLE and on one occasion the FBI. All leading back to the SAO for prosecution that has not taken place. Along with Elaine De Vale, myself and a group of fed up citizens we went on a crusade to expose the widespread abuse mainly inside Hialeah. Just a heads up: We are not finished.. We will continue to expose this and tie all past politicians who have abused the elderly voters and present it to the media and the constiuents who placed them in office. In realations to both Mayoral Candidates I can assure you neither one of them had any knowledge of Ms. Cabreras activities. Both are very respectable gentleman who would not jeopardize their election on association with AB fraudulent activities.