Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Some news on the ethics investigation into South Miami's police chief through a rather unusual source...

Anyone wonder whats been going on with that investigation by the Miami Dade Ethics Commission into the Chief of Police of the City of South Miami, Orlando Martinez de Castro, for allegedly steering city business to his wife's tag agency?  We've contacted the ethics commission several times since they opened the investigation into Chief Martinez's activities and they've always told us that they can't comment because it's an ongoing investigation.  That's understandable I guess.

Recently though, word has reached us that the Ethics Commission had found probable cause to move forward against the chief for allegedly sending his wife's tag agency business, clearly in violation of the City of South Miami's own ethics code.  Unfortunately though, I haven't been able to substantiate any of these rumors, that is till the other day when I received a letter in the mail with no return address.  I've redacted some sensitive information that we'll reveal a little later on, but for now take a look at the letter for yourselves...

So according to this letter the Ethics Commission has found probably cause against South Miami Police Chief Orlando Martinez de Castro on four counts, one of which is a misdemeanor.  If true, this certainly doesn't bode well for the chief since as per the City's own code of ethics, he'll have to forfeit his job as the police chief!  Accordingly if we're to believe the contents of this letter, Chief Martinez has gone ahead and hired a criminal defense attorney which is completely understandable as his job is on the line.

Another source tells us that the Ethics Commission did indeed send a probable cause letter to the chief.  Several people claim to have heard the Chief ranting and raving in his office after receiving and reading this letter claiming "this is serious" and that he could "lose his job over this".  Indeed Mr. Martinez de Castro, this is serious and yes, you could lose your job over this! 

Now, isn't it ironic that just a few months after we starting writing about how the chief's wife had railroaded three innocent girls in the Airways Auto Tag Agency boondoggle that now the chief himself allegedly has to go out and hire his own criminal defense attorney?  

That's some ironic shit right there folks.  Regardless, things are really starting to heat up in South Miami, there's some really ugly shit going on down there.  Stay tuned...


  1. Way to go Mike, keep up the good work man!

  2. So Mike you are telling us that the big man from south Miami got Busted. Ummm interesting.

  3. Nothing confirmed yet, for the time being treat this as unsubstantiated rumor.

  4. Just go to Into the Hornets Nest for the Truth about OMC!
    Si Como No!?!

  5. Lol well well well and the story finally takes an interesting turn I can't wait to see the end of this case because it looks like the table is turning meanwhile this are only rumors but there is a clear old saying that says : when the river sounds is because a rock is coming down.... In Spanish : cuando el rio suena Es por q Una piedrita lleva... In other words rumors turn into reality at times ... Mike you are amazing you don't let shit pass by you great job dude