Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Miami Dade Ethics Commission responds...

For what it's worth, the Miami Dade Ethics Commission finally responded to our request for any materials regarding the ethics complaint that arose from our Airways Auto Tag Agency story against City of South Miami police chief, Orlando Martinez de Castro.  Check out the response we got from Ethics Commission advocate Michael Murawski...

Dear Mr. Hatami:  
Thank you again for the information you provided to us. At this time, no public records exist concerning this matter and I can not confirm the status of any of your inquires.  
Sincerely, Michael Murawski

Oh, Ok!  Mr Murawski's response is a bit underwhelming, but while the investigation into Chief Martinez's alleged unethical activities are ongoing, all the records pertaining to the investigation are not "public record".  That's all well and good but what bothers me is how long this investigation has taken, I understand that the allegations are a bit more serious than the allegations that the ethics commission had against commissioner Bob Welsh a few months back, but really, how much time do they need to wrap this up?  Our sources from within the South Miami Police Department tell us that investigators from the Ethics Commission have interviewed several police officers who have all said that the Chief did indeed steer city business to his wife's business, so if indeed that is the case, what's taking so long?

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