Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I thought everything was alright over at Airways Auto Tag?

Seriously?  Weren't all of Airways Auto Tag Agency's problems over once the owner, Ileana Martinez de Castro, had the three tellers that were working for her arrested for allegedly stealing tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars from her tiny auto tag agency?  That's what any reasonable person would have been lead to believe, right?  If indeed things did go down as Mrs. Martinez de Castro had suggested and the three tellers did indeed steel all that money which according to her caused her to borrow money from all over the place to keep up with the tag agency's day to day obligations as well as it's most important obligation, paying the state of Florida the taxes that the agency collects on the states behalf.  So here we are 20 months after the alleged thefts occurred and 16 months after the tellers were arrested, shouldn't everything be fine over at our favorite tag agency?

Let's step back for a moment and re-read Mrs. Martinez de Castro's own words during one of the depositions regarding this case...

Ok, that's understandable.  If indeed the three women arrested in this case were really stealing money from the tag agency, their actions would leave the tag agency's owner, Mrs. Martinez de Castro, in quite the pickle.  As she goes on to tell us, she had to borrow money, going so far as to get a second mortgage on her house to replace the missing money.  No doubt, a shitty position to be in.  The next part is even more interesting...

Here Mrs. Martinez tells us besides wanting to give up the tag agency and "turn it in" that "they" "came in and started doing an investigation..."  I suppose since we're talking about money that was owed to the state in the form of "sales & use" taxes that the tag agency collected on behalf of the state that the "they" Mrs. Martinez is referring to must be someone from the state, namely someone from the department of revenue or another state law enforcement agency.  I get it.  You're late in paying the state the money you collected on their behalf then "they" come looking around in order to figure out WTF is going on.  Makes sense.  But this shouldn't be a problem any longer since those evil women who allegedly bilked this poor little tag agency out of tens of thousands of dollars were arrested and were no longer working there, right?  WRONG!

Fast forward to October 3, 2011, six full months after our favorite MDPD police detective, Jorge Baluja, slapped the cuffs on these three tellers and escorted them to jail.  Check out this little love letter that the state of Florida department of revenue sent the folks over at Airways Auto Tag Agency...

Airways Auto Tag Agency Warrant

WTF?  This letter in no uncertain terms gives the court or the local sheriff to go over and snatch $6,807.11 in cash or assets from Airways Auto Tag Agency for non payment of tax revenues they collected on behalf of the state of Florida!  Now, this just doesn't happen because you missed one months worth of payments to the state, the Department of Revenue only issues a warrant after you've missed several payments and only after they've exhausted every possible way of getting you to reimburse them for the money you've collected on their behalf.  Strange, huh?  What makes this even more bizarre is that the three tellers that the tag agency owner alleged were the root of all her financial issues had been gone for six months when this warrant was issued, so we're left to ask, who's at fault in this instance?

Now here's the real kicker, earlier we presumed that when the struggling tag agency was having problems repaying the state's tax and use fees that it was solely because of the money the three tellers allegedly stole.  The tag agency owner in her deposition tells us that when she couldn't pay the state that "they came in and started doing an investigation", my question now in this instance where the state had to go so far as to issue a warrant in order to try to recover their money, did "they" ever come in and try to figure out why they hadn't received their money or do "they" only come in when "you" need to railroad three innocent women in order to cover up your own misdeeds?

Strange times over at Airways Auto Tag Agency, strange times indeed...


  1. wel well well well ,look here.... the one and only i cant believe i am reading this it makes me sick from my stomach you mean to tell me this case is not over yet! this tellers are still under investigation wow! how much longer does it take to see with our own eyes thet the tag agency planned this on their own HELLLLO THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE! WELL I GUESS LIFE WORKS IN MISTERIOUS WAYS BECAUSE IT LOOKS TO ME THAT THE MORE THE AGENCY KEEPS THIS CASE THE MORE SKELETONS COME OUT THE CLOSET.... IN DEED WITH THAT SAID WE ALL NOW KNOW THAT THERE IS SOMETHING WEIRD GOING ON AT THE TAG AGENCY AND IT DOES NOT LOOKS GOOD.... BUT THEERE IS SOMETHING IN LIFE WE CANT NEVER HIDE AND IT ALWAYS COME TO THE LIGHT AND THAT IS THE TRUTH!!!!!

  2. Well looks like they been running behind payments since they got the Tag Agency and still running behing payments. Poor people they tought blaming on the tellers will take them out of debt will works.Looks like its not working.

  3. Mike you should let Karherine Fernandez Rundle about this people to see what does she think about this corrupted people.

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