Thursday, August 2, 2012

More on the Warren Papove story...

Krome Detention Center
We left off last week discussing the bizarre case of Mr. Warren Papove, a South Miami resident who was somehow detained for doing work without a permit but was then picked up by I.C.E. (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and is now waiting at the Krome detention center waiting to be deported back to his native Canada.  We discussed how strange all of this was and how his detention may have even been illegal. 

Mr Papove has been sitting in Krome now for several weeks awaiting a deportation hearing I presume, the other day I got an email with someone who visited Mr Papove at the detention center.  What's bizarre about this whole case besides how the cop who arrested Mr. Papove wasn't called to the scene of the incident but was instead "just driving by and happened to recognize Mr. Papove from a wanted poster", what's really bizarre is what the person who visited Mr. Papove says he told them during there visit.  Allegedly I.C.E. agents repeatedly asked Mr. Papove whether or not people in South Miami knew that he was an illegal alien, specifically city commissioner Robert Welsh knew about his immigration status.  Mr Papove also told the visitor that he heard an I.C.E. agent tell one of the security guards that his case was a "high profile case".  Now, what exactly does that mean?  How can the detention of a guy doing yard work be a "high profile case"?

Based on what we know so far, the line of questioning during Mr. Papove's detention and most notably the law enforcement's peculiar obsession with where Mr. Papove takes a shit during his stay at Commissioner Welsh's farm "PAPOVE SAID HE LIVED IN A BARN ON THE PROPERTY AND USED A BUCKET AS A RESTROOM", one can only conclude that this is some sort of nefarious scheme by the powers that over at the city of South Miami to get commissioner Welsh into some sort of trouble.  If this is the case then it just goes to show how far these people are willing to go to further their agenda, first railroading the three tellers in the Airways Auto Tag agency case and now having Mr. Papove detained and subsequently deported under some very suspicious circumstances.  

This is some very dirty, nasty shit folks, if this is really how go down in South Miami then it's best to steer clear of the place...

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