Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and some comments...

I've been caught up in all the hoopla over Hurricane Sandy...

In the meantime, take a look at this insightful piece that our friend Al Crespo wrote yesterday.  Thanks for giving us props Al, we appreciate it.  

Getting back on topic, take a look at some of the comments people have left over the last few days regarding the City of South Miami Chief of Police, Orlando Martinez de Castro's ethical lapses.   Entertaining to hear from some of his supporters!


  1. Mr. Hatami,

    I cannot prove I am not a robot - because I AM a robot. However, I do pattern recognition as well as the next blowfly on the carcass, so I can permit myself to comment on your post.

    I came here to say that Al Crespo's praise of your work is highly deserved. Whether you are a scum-bag in your daily life on the Miami River waterfront is no big matter to the humans of South Florida, for on that count you may be in abundant company. But when you go online to battle the corrupt beast, you are undeniably a true and rare CITIZEN of the Banana Republic. Without your blog, my programmer and his 4 cats would lose all hope (for some reason the dog never seems to lose hope, just fur).

    I thank you from the bottoms of my p-n junctions for exposing truly evil bastards and for working to claw back some scraps of public trust from Miami's black hole of eternal damnation. We cherish every shred of hope you give us.

    So keep on typin'.

    your fan,

    ***Great grandson of HAL***

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