Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Straw Buyer Halloween edition, the search for voters in the strangest places...

I know today's post is a departure from our regular fare but I think what I stumbled upon yesterday was shocking enough that it deserves to be talked about.  As some of you may know I have business interests in the Northwest area of Dade county ranging from the western end of the Miami river all the way north to the Golden Glades interchange.  On any given day you can find me going back and forth throughout these areas several times and for those familiar with this part of our county, you know that the neighborhoods that I drive through are somewhat less than desirable.

One of the roads that I find myself on several times a day is the Airport expressway AKA State Road 112, when going westbound, I usually get off at 27th avenue then continue west on the one way service road to 32nd avenue then hang a left and go south.  This short cut down the service road allows me to bypass the traffic on 27th avenue and on 36th street, but this shortcut comes at a price, it puts me in some of the worst neighborhoods during its duration while taking me past a county storage yard  and old cemetery.  Driving past the county storage yard is aggravating as you can see all the waste that goes on as evidenced by all the unused and vehicles and equipment.  The cemetery isn't that bad as the overwhelming majority of the graves are set a few hundred yards away from the road, this photo illustrates that pretty well... 

As you can see in the photo, the service road that I frequent is on the southern border of the Evergreen Memorial Park property that runs along side the 112 and the newly constructed metrorail bridge.  Since you really can't see anything from the road, I normally just speed through without paying attention to anything, plus the graves are far enough from the road that for the most part your view to the north is of mostly an empty grassy lot.

There was something a bit different yesterday afternoon though, as I was zipping by I noticed some activity over by the tree at the lower right of the photo.  From what I was able to make out there was two guys fiddling around with something under that tree.  I slowed down to get a better look but since it's a one way street with heavy truck traffic, I wasn't able to stop and see what was going on.  Something told me to go back around and take another look but in order to do so I had to go to 32 avenue, go south to 36th street, back to 27th avenue then north till I got to the Airport Expressway service road, all in all about a 7 minute drive.  This time when I got close, I drove up on the sidewalk and pulled up slowly.  The two guys that I saw under the tree earlier saw me coming and took off.  From what I was able to make of the two guys, they seemed to be local homeless folks.  As I got closer to the tree, my jaw dropped when I saw what these guys were up to...

The caskets in this cemetery aren't below the ground, they're contained in concrete boxes with heavy concrete lids.  What these guys had done was remove the concrete lid and then lift the casket out but when they did, the rotten wooden casket just fell apart dumping it's contents onto the ground...

When I realized that those two crackheads were attempting to rob this grave, I got sick to my stomach and hauled ass.  WTF is wrong with people today?!  I jumped back in my car and hauled ass.  I tried calling the cemetery but was unable to get a working phone number.

Note to self, when driving by this cemetery next time, don't look north!


  1. Maybe the casket had candy in it?

  2. Maybe they need it for another dead body that needs to rest in peace. lol

  3. I'm an idiot, I just realized, these guys were just looking for voters!!!

  4. Maybe that's where Ana Alliegro has been hiding.

  5. Maybe that's where Ana is going to be buried. What's the official address? I'm trying to find the owner of the property.