Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Party time, another anniversary...

I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately therefore the lack of posts over the last week.  I started to get my shit together this afternoon when I realized that tomorrow is October 3, which would make it the fifth anniversary of the Miami Dade County Mortgage Fraud Task Force's first case and also the fourth anniversary of the arrests in the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud case that turned my family's life inside out. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the Barrera mortgage fraud story, it's a case that was hobbled together in a rush by a rookie MDPD detective, Jorge Baluja, and a washed up assistant state attorney, Bill Kostrzewski, where they took the word of a unemployed serial fraudster named Bernardo Barrera, who claimed that his identity was stolen and used in the commission of a massive mortgage fraud scheme. Unfortunately, the state put together the case without properly investigating and overlooked the fact that alleged "victim" was himself an integral part of the mortgage fraud scheme. Once we uncovered Mr. Barrera's complicity in this scheme, he quickly uprooted and hauled ass to Panama. What's troublesome though is even though we presented overwhelming evidence of Mr Barrera's complicity to the state attorneys office, to this day they refuse to go after him.

So where's everyone now?  As we mentioned before, Mr. Barrera after selling whatever he had in the United States, hauled ass and escaped to his native Panama safe from extradition to the United States.  How about the assclown detective that put together the bullshit case?  From what I've been told, he's been demoted several times, most recently to driving a marked patrol car in the Northside District of Miami Dade County.  That's a far cry from his days as a detective on the MDPD Economic crimes unit, isn't it?  How about that dipshit prosecutor, Bill Kostrzewski, who tried to prosecute the case?  I'm told that he's been taken off any meaningful prosecutions and relegated to petty bullshit economic crimes cases.  Nice.  So much for that headline case he put together that appeared all over the news early that October back in 2008.

What amazes me the most though since I started writing this blog is how some criminal prosecutions make headlines yet others manage to escape the spotlight.  When Mr. Kostrzewski went after my wife, somehow both he and the state attorneys office managed to get a press release to anyone in the media with a pulse, yet after following such cases for four plus years now I can't believe how many other cases that should have been in the media somehow were never mentioned.  A perfect example would be the Veldora Arthur mortgage fraud case.  There wasn't a single peep about that case until we broke it here on our blog.  I wonder why?  Wasn't a City of Miami assistant fire chief getting federally indicted for millions of dollars worth of fraud newsworthy?

I've come to realize over the last few years that the main ingredient in keeping this blog going is anger, specifically my anger towards those in law enforcement and the state attorneys office that abuse their powers to destroy innocent people's lives in order to further their own goals.  Need examples?  How about the three tellers that were railroaded Detective Baluja in the Airways Auto Tag case as a favor to the City of South Miami's police chief?  Can you think of an abuse of power worse than that? 

So what now?  Four years after the "headline case" that prosecutor Kostrzewski and detective Baluja put together was filed, have we achieved anything?  I like to think we have.  I have to believe that we played some part in getting Mr. Baluja demoted and I know that we are, at least in part, responsible for getting prosecutor Kostrzewski thrown off the mortgage fraud task force within the state attorneys office.  Is that enough?  I think not.  We have some more work to do, I'm going to start talking about some of the things the state attorneys office did to me over the last few years and for shits and grins, we're going to try to get at least one member of the Baluja clan arrested.  Stay tuned...


  1. Any chance you could post a copy of the police report on the Airways case, or are you saving that for another time?

  2. Wow all those cases are amazing but the tag agency still going . Holly cows how many corrupted cops they need to investigate real deep I thought that case was over

  3. Te case won't be over until the fuking curupted place we live on starts investigating who they put to work on they're police force and of course how they work. Pretty reasonable when they say family can't work together or should have nothing to do with one another when something occurs. Off course the ase is still open we live in a messed up world and nobody cares about nobody!!! I DO CARE ABOUT SOMEBODY AND I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT GOD WILL PROTECT THOSE GIRLS UNTILL THE LAST DAY!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you for your Anger...
    but if the Arthur case is indictive, we have wasted our time.