Tuesday, October 23, 2012

So now we have two ethics complaints!

I guess by now the folks over at the Miami Dade County Ethics Commission may be a little of tired hearing from us...

So far we've managed to file two complaints, the first one against City of South Miami Police Chief Orlando Martinez de Castro for sending city business to his wife's tag agency and the second one against City of South Miami Commissioner Valerie Newman for altering an email sent by the city clerk regarding a public records request.

All in all that's some pretty serious shit.  From what I've been told the ethics commission is going to come down hard on the Chief and I'm told there's been a flurry of activity regarding Commissioner Newman's funny email business.  That's all well and good, but is that enough?  Where's the state attorneys office in all of this?  After all, we're alleging that the police chief from South Miami sent several thousands of dollars worth of city business over to his wife's tag agency, shouldn't this be a matter taken up by the state attorneys office?  

What if these alleged ethics violations happened somewhere other than a sleepy predominantly upper middle class little town like South Miami?  Say these ethical lapses happened in a place on the other end of the spectrum, say like the City of  Opa-Locka, how would something like sending city business to a government employee's family member be handled?  It seems like the state attorneys office has a penchant for nabbing crooked politicians over in places like Opa Locka yet she seems reluctant to go after fellow Cuban Americans in places like the city of South Miami.  It certainly doesn't help when the police chief claims to be close personal friends with the state attorney herself.

Regardless, we're stuck waiting for Joe Centorino and his crew at the Ethics Commission to make a decision on these nefarious characters over in South Miami.  Let's hope that the noise we've made makes it a bit easier for them to sweep these ethical and possible criminal acts under the rug.


  1. A complaint filed with the Florida state attorrney office would be more effective than mdc no conflicts

  2. well is time to clean miami lets take away all those corrupted people so they stop nowwwww


    Guess who??
    MDC ethics Letter of instruction?

  4. This blog is a fraud. They took down my comment in defense of the chief. It's a joke. Everything on this site is slanted. This post will surely be removed as well.

  5. Your post was not deleted, it looks like it never posted successfully onto the blog. I'll look and see if I can retrieve it.

  6. I'm not sure what happened to your post, I definitely did not delete it. Regardless, here it is in it's entirety...

    "All of this stuff about Chief Martinez de Castro is a joke. Do you know anything about business? Maybe a couple thousand of dollars of business was conducted at his wife's Tag agency, but I am sure she made very little profit. The profit to the business was probably a couple hundred of dollars. Do you actually think any public official would risk their high paying jobs (probably in excess of 100K) so that their wife can make an extra $200, which can barely buy a decent dinner? In all likely hood they probably needed tags in a timely manner and sick of waiting in lines went to his wife's Tag agency for faster service.. She was probably doing the city a favor, and at little profit. You should stop harping on a case where there was no corruption and focus on Miami Beach politics where REAL criminals own the local government and are taking hundreds of thousands in kick backs... Come on get with it.. "

  7. It's good that you found it - but to say it never posted doesn't make sense as I took a screen print of the comment fully posted and viewable. I did that for the exact reason to see if this site was edited to remove any disenting views. At least me checking got it posted again. Either way it is good to see an open dialogue.