Thursday, October 4, 2012

More trouble over at the City of South Miami

Looks like things are heating up again over at the "city of pleasant living". Our sources tell us that a certain detective that we've written about before was caught in an compromising position in the backseat of a car in or around the Winn Dixie parking lot in South Miami. The problem is that the female he was caught with was allegedly either underage or was eighteen and was under his charge as part of a South Miami youth organization.

We're told that the pd conducted an investigation that resulted in the detective receiving a one day suspension from the department. Did you expect anything else from a department run by a corrupt chief like Orlando Martinez de Castro?

We've already put in a public information request for the detectives ia file and will update as soon as we get it. Karma's a bitch ain't it Detective?


  1. Get your facts straight scumbag before you start spewing your usual nonsense and trying to ruin someone's good name because you have nothing better to do with you pathetic life. Why don't you share your oh so ethical sources with us?.. Oh wait.... That would imply Bicycle Bob and a certain piece of garbage officer can be counted on as moral individuals.

    Btw folks, If you're reading this garbage, consider the source your information is coming from. You can find our blogger and his wife's criminal past all over the Internet if you just take the time to look. Talk about throwing stones when you live in a glass house.

    Just sayin......

  2. Would this be Margaret Strotham's Drug Free Coalitions- Confidant, On 07/01/2012, the South Miami Explorers returned from State Competition with Det. Joseph Mendez (Explorer Advisor).
    The SM Det. explorer???
    Would this SM PD Det.actions and Breach of Trust with the Youth in South Miami qualify as a as a SCUMBAG!?!?!?
    Just sayin.....
    Blinded are we by not admitting when we are wrong when supporting the wrong SM PD Department Heads..

  3. Thanks for that. My past is no secret nor have I ever made it one. My wife's past? The botched investigation and subsequent criminal case that was nolle prossed was the genesis of this blog, so once again, thanks for restating the obvious.

    As far as the subject of today's post, no names were mentioned so it would appear as if we've touched a nerve with the subject of our post today. I intentionaly left out names till we had solid evidence of the allegations and no, my source did not involve a Bob or a Bicycle.

    With that said, don't worry about me, a petty blogger on the last page of the Internet, worry about the other major media outlets, Herald, New Times, etc that are already working the story.

  4. Let see over at the SM parks and recreation department an employee had sex and was fired, now over at the SM police department an employee had something in the back seat of a sm pd car with a youth and gets a one day suspension?
    In a police state you can do no wrong!
    just sayin...

  5. Need to contact FDLE ref. the dect. having sex in the police car.
    Straw Buyer keep up the great work that you do exposing all this corruption. I tip my hat to you Sir.

  6. I''m sorry Mr. Hatami but I'm having a hard time buying what you're saying about Mr Welsh. What about Officer Munoz? Ever heard of him? Since you're big into the SMPD, why don't you do a little research on where he came from and where he is now. I'm sure it would make for some good literature.

  7. No need for the formalities. Rest assured the tip didn't come from Bob or anyone named Munoz but it did come from within your own pd.

    Until we have the documents in hand it's all conjecture. I can tell you though as a father with three daughters, one of which is very close in age to the alleged victim of this story, it makes me sick to my stomach.

  8. Well I'm sure that you will be relieved to know that the girl in this story is closer to the age of thirty than she is 18 and there was no compromising act involved in any event. While I can appreciate your concern as a father. I cannot stomach this lie that has been perpetuated as a result of a petty vendetta on the part of Officer Munoz. If you don't believe me, wait for the file.

  9. As you can see I'm completely transparent and have no vendetta other than to expose the truth.

    If you have info forward it to me either through a comment here, via email or if you'd like to remain anonymous then through If your allegations are true then perhaps the bigger story is of a witch hunt created by a member of the pd with an axe to grind with this particular detective which may even rise to the level of criminality.

  10. uppppsss Looks like Fat Albert its mad.But what else you can expect.If you are a garbage you cant smell good.Lol

  11. 1St comment: you dont make any sense you are saying nobody read this but you are a Krazy follower of this are waiting always to see your name here because you are very popular in this blog as i can tell you are a corrupt,only garbage like that would be mad with the Straw Buyer the voice of inocent people.

  12. south miami former police chief bobby richardson was fired for lack of confidence by a former city manager that was fired for ? - no charges brought against former sm pd chief richardson concerning anything - south miami police chief orlando martinez decastro has an ethics violation concerning direct or indirect benefit - which is verified by sm finance dept check registry written to - airways auto tag agency - that benefits immediate family member - which is cause for termination from sm pd but has yet to be fired by the sm city manager, no call for his head by commissioner newman hurley even though she ask the sm attorney fiengold to resign when she thought his action were unethical even though no charges were ever filed against the former city attorney for any wrong doing.
    just sayin...

  13. To the abnormal that made the first comment, not all the persons that go to jail are guilty. Specially if in they find in their way a corrupted police men from south miami beach or his corrupted cheif Orlando Martinez De Castro. I think a scumbag is a person thats corrupted that puts his economic intrest before justice but, the day is coming and THEY WILL fall into their own CORRUPTION .

  14. Lessee if I follow: Officer 1 catches Officer 2 in the back of a city vehicle at midnight with a young lady (or perhaps an 89 year old nun), and it's not a big deal because Officer 1 has a vendetta against Officer 2? The Chief told the Herald that Officer 2 was single - after the Herald had already interviewed the wife. Not too clever, plus a violation of the City Charter for which he can and should be fired. Any other city manager would fire the Chief and Officer 2, but not Mirabile. He can't because Officer 2 has enough on their friend the Chief to send him to prison. Instead, Mirabile will give them both a promotion unless he is fired before he gets the chance,

  15. I dont know how they still have Orlando Martinez De Castro as a chief police when he is not a good model of police well dont go to far no even a body type.

  16. Strawbuyer keep your good work. I know you have done a good job previously and you will do it for the future.

  17. someone's good name dont make us laugh when this blog mentioned police or politics its because their name its not a good name.

  18. Violation of city charter really? Guess again Tonto. If you are wise to the actual story like you pretend to be then you know the violation you named is inaccurate. And you're lying about the herald as well but maybe you're the one contacting the herald with this bogus story,hm?

  19. Yep! Lessee, having sex in the back seat of a SMPD police car in a public lot is NOW deemed acceptable behavior to Mirabile, Commissioner Newman and OMC. That's why the tinting on SMPD police car windows is so dark.

  20. Says Munoz or one of his cronies

  21. So it's now illegal to bang a chick in the back of your squad car? FUCK!

  22. Unfortunately for you that statement is not accurate but again you're just showing exactly what you know...which is nothing.

  23. Was it ?
    city of south miami regular city commission meeting
    August 21, 2012

    Commission Remarks Mayor Stoddard requested clarification from the police regarding the procedure for a search warrant-Major Baixauli to look into it further;

    City of South Miami Mayor Stoddard: i have heard from a couple of residents who have had the unhappy surprise of getting woken up 5am by an armed uh drug raid um so mr manager or maybe you want to ask refer this to the major um what is the legal requirement during a an arrest um to show a search warrant when entering a private residence i don't know that part of the law

    City Manager Mirable: Major would you like to uh address that question

    City of South Miami SM PD Major Baixauli: That operation was put together by our field operations bureau i really wasn't involved in that planning part but more than likely you would need a search warrant to go inside a house

    Mayor Stoddard: so if there is suspicion of illegal activity at my house and the police show up and i ask to see a warrant are they required to produce it on the spot or not

    SM PD Major Baixauli: if they have it and can produce it on the spot yes if not they can ask you to step outside and then go get a search warrant

    Mayor Stoddard: but i have as a resident of the house i have the right to hold up the police operation while i request to see the warrant or not so say 4 people show up they want to arrest somebody in my household and i say hang on before you come in or before anybody goes out i say i want to see the warrant do they have to stop and show me the warrant

    SM PD Major Baixauli: they had arrest warrants for individuals
    Mayor Stoddard: right
    SM PD Major Baixauli: i know they had that so they were looking for individuals that they were seeking to arrest as a result of the arrest warrants

    SM Mayor Stoddard: that i understand but if somebody comes to my door and wants to arrest a member of my household and i say not before you show me your arrest warrant do they have to show the warrant or can they ask me to step aside and proceed without showing the warrant

    SM PD Major Baixauli: i would my my opinion is they should show the warrant that's my opinion what the previous resident went through i do not know i wasn't there and it is under investigation i can't really talk about it

    SM Mayor Stoddard: understood but i just like to....

    SM PD Major Baixauli: there were a lot of different agencies involved not just us

    SM Mayor Stoddard: i would just like to know what the law is

    SM PD Major Baixauli: i can research it for you

    SM Mayor Stoddard: would you please

    SM PD Major Baixauli: yes

    SM Mayor Stoddard: thank you i'd like that

  24. 02-08: Arrest Warrant does not Automatically Give Officer a Right to Enter

    Case: VPS v. State, 27 FLW Dxxx, 4th DCA

    Date: May 15, 2002

    FACTS: Two uniformed deputies went to a residence to serve an arrest warrant. The address was listed on the warrant along with a description of the person. A juvenile answered the door and advised the deputies that the person they were looking for was not there. They asked if they could look around and the juvenile said okay. The deputies did not find the person but did discover drug paraphernalia which the juvenile admitted belonged to him. The deputies did not go away empty-handed. They arrested the juvenile, who moved to suppress the evidence.

    RULING: The appellate court ruled that the entry of the officers was unlawful. Relying on Florida Statute 901.19(1) and previous case law, the court found that there is a two-part test to determine if entry onto property to execute an arrest warrant is proper:

    ►First, the officer must have a reasonable belief that the location to be searched is the suspect’s dwelling. This is usually established by the address on the warrant.

    ►Second, the officer must have reason to believe that the suspect is currently in the dwelling.

    The appellate court decided that in the present case there was no showing to indicate the deputies had any reason to believe the person they wanted was in the residence. Thus, the second part of the test was not met. Entry into the residence under authority of the arrest warrant was held to be unlawful, as was the subsequent discovery of the drug paraphernalia.

    "Consent to enter" might have provided authority for the officers to enter the residence, but in this case the appellate court ruled that the juvenile did not give voluntary consent for the deputies to look around. Instead, the court said the juvenile merely acquiesced to authority.

  25. city commission meeting September 21, 2012.
    Commission Remarks

    Mayor Stoddard: Maj Baixauli did you manage to look up the rules on warrant production that you told me about a couple of weeks ago, two commission meetings back, the question was whether when conducting an arrest by warrant or a search by warrant and if someone asked to see the warrant whether it has to be produced at the time or whether it can be produced later or it doesn't have to be produced at all you said you were going to research it and get back to us

    SM PD Major Baixauli: Mr. mayor uh i don't have it with me right now i have detective lopez that helped me with that research if he wants to comment

    SM Mayor Stoddard: um okay if you know it off the top of your head detective thats fine

    SM PD Detective Lopez: when we um request an arrest warrant to execute the arrest warrant to go inside of the house once you have a felony arrest warrant YOU DO NOT NEED TO PROVIDE IT WHEN YOU MAKE ENTRY and you can make entry into a house if you have a felony arrest warrant which is what we require during the narcotics arrest

    SM Mayor Stoddard: so if somebody asks to see the warrant um you don't have to have it there i assume it has to be at the station?

    SM PD Detective Lopez: the person that needs to see the warrant is the one being arrested

    SM Mayor Stoddard: okay then so that would be typically be shown to them at the station after the arrest is that how that works

    SM PD Detective Lopez: right

    SM Mayor Stoddard: Okay thank you that was the question

  26. An arrest warrant is an official document that a judge issues the police allowing them to arrest a person for a crime. A judge will issue an arrest warrant when the police are able to provide evidence that a crime occurred and show probable cause, or reason to suspect, that the person they wish to arrest was involved in the crime. An arrest warrant will name the specific person that is to be arrested and does not authorize the arrest of parties unnamed.

    An arrest warrant is not required in many cases. When the police have probable cause to believe that a person has committed a crime, they can make an arrest without an arrest warrant. There is one major exception to this rule. The police cannot arrest a person in their own home or private residence without an arrest warrant. Amendment five of the constitution states that citizens shall be protected against unreasonable search and seizure. This protection extends to the right of persons not to be arrested in their home or privacy without an arrest warrant.

    There are cases where it is lawful for the police to enter a private residence to make an arrest without an arrest warrant. When the police are in hot pursuit of an individual they suspect has committed a crime and that person enters a private residence, the police have a right to enter and make an arrest without an arrest warrant. Police can also make an arrest without an arrest warrant to protect others from immediate danger, to prevent the eminent destruction of evidence, or when contraband is in plain view. People can also be arrested without an arrest warrant for a variety of traffic related offenses.

    When an arrest warrant is required to make an arrest, the arresting officers must tell you that they are acting under the authority of an arrest warrant. They must show the arrest warrant to the person at the time of arrest or shortly thereafter. The only time an officer does not need to show proof of an arrest warrant is when they reasonably believe that doing so would threaten their safety, the integrity of evidence, or cause the suspect to flee.

    When the police have obtained an arrest warrant they have been given the authority to enter a private residence and arrest a specific suspect. When a person is legally arrested, the police have the right to conduct a search of the person and his/her immediate area. Police must conduct all searches in good faith and in compliance with legal provisions.

    When an arrest is made unlawfully -because officers lack an arrest warrant, violate search laws, or act in bad faith- incrtheiminating evidence gared may later be deemed inadmissible in a court of law. This can be a tricky area of law that is best evaluated by a legal professional.

  27. Hector Mirable had no balls when he worked at the City of Miami Police Dept.
    Orlando Martinez left the Miami Police Dept. in a hurry when Chief Harms was fired. Just saying that the both of them suck.

  28. Mike, We all know that you got BIG BALLS and I really appreciate the way you tell it like it is. Keep it going...

  29. Everyone knows that OMC makes up his own rules with regard to search and seizure.


  31. That is a photo of Valerie Newman's pet rat Sharon