Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A happy end to the Warren Papove story...

As we mentioned last week, former South Miami resident Warren Papove is finally back in his native Canada after being detained at the Krome Detention Center for seven and a half months.  Mr. Papove was kind enough to send us this message via email regarding his detention, the people that put him in Krome and his subsequent return to Canada...

Orlando Martinez de Castro must be proud. Fidel and Raul - not so much. my younger sister, Melissa  had an easier time leaving Cuba  she didn't get there until the 10th of February and was home free on the 18th. This was most fortunate for me because on the 19th when i was finally allowed to leave she was able to finish de Castro's job for him. After spending dozens of thousands of tax payers' dollars keeping me on ice for 7.5 months they were frugal enough to save $4oo for transportation for the last leg of my departure.  I was left at the Vancouver airport at 8:oo pm b.c. time with 65 cents and a bag of clothes that bob had left for me in July, they were July clothes. They wouldn't allow him to bring anything like, for instance, a jacket for me. They even denied a final visitation.  The information provided for 20 odd previous visits was suddenly insufficient. 
So, after flying to la and then to Vancouver that was it. Mr  Schoepp of the Canadian consulate had assured me that i would be sent to Edmonton ab. which is my original hometown.  Ice's Nunez also assured me the same. iI guess that's so i wouldn't resist although i had  willingly signed consent on Aug 9 after being denied access to a judge. I also signed again on Dec 17 after finally seeing a judge and asking him to order my removal.  This was because transcripts of a previous court hearing' which would have secured a Miami release were denied to me.  I don't know why anyone would resist release to anywhere after 7.5 months of unnecessary detention,but de Castro and his ice buddy Romon Bado have names to live up to. 
Luckily Luis had recently located my sister for me and lucky for me that the real Castros aren't as rabid about illegally holding Canadians as the wanna-be de Castro.  A lady at the Vancouver airport let me use her phone and my sister, having arrived home from Cuba late the night before, was awake and able to arrange a flight from Vancouver to Edmonton and pick me up from the airport 20 miles south of  the city at 12:30 am local time with my other younger sister and a jacket it was 10 degrees f.  
Note to the Canadian consulate--- lying about  destinations might be a necessary precaution' i suppose. lying about a Canadian based assistance  package might be necessary, i suppose, but i would suggest that including means for a phone call and a jacket be included for any Florida to Canada re;locations in the future, especially if they take place in February.  After having spent close to 100 thousand dollars on an unnecessarily long detention it would be wrong to saddle the tax;payers with the additional cost of a jacket.  Would any of them really opposed allowing bob to having brought me one as he tried to do?  Hey Castro I'd also respectfully like to suggest that as a courtesy to other otherwise law abiding, stadium subsidizing Canadians you do the math first. When acting on a future Newman mc kane tip, remember it takes 9 months to act on it and 7.5 months to execute. please time this for summertime arrivals if jackets aren't included in the equation.

What a mess.  At least Mr. Papove is now with his family, out of reach from the scumbags in South Miami that started this whole debacle.  Good luck to you Mr. Papove!


  1. How did ICE and the Canadian Consulate expect him to get from Vancouver 1,600 miles to Edmundton, Alberta? Hitchhike? With what kind of clothes in what kind of weather? This was a human rights abuse.

  2. Man, if only Miami's Castros could be deported to Fidel and Raul for the crimes and injustice they commit in this town.