Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Warren Papove saga comes to an end.

We've discussed the bizarre case of Mr. Warren Papove several times over the last year, a South Miami resident who was somehow detained for doing work without a permit but was then picked up by I.C.E. (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and was sitting at the Krome detention center for nearly seven months waiting to be deported back to his native Canada.  Unfortunately for Mr. Papove, he was collateral damage in the war between police chief Orlando Martinez de Castro and the folks in South Miami that are trying to oust him.  Despite the charges against Mr. Papove were dropped several months ago and the fact that he was supposed to be released, he remained in custody until just recently.  Last night, we got this email from one of our readers...
They sent him to Canada this morning with only a sweatshirt to keep him from freezing. Seven months ago I took to Krome a carry on bag with clothes in it, which they did not give him. They sent him to Vancouver, 1600 miles from his home, with no money, no clothes in the middle of a Canadian winter, Thank you Orlando Martinez de Castro, Ramon Bado and crew. You kept him far longer than any of the other Canadians who came and went through Krome in the 7 1/2 months he was there. You put him in the gay wing there. Your witch doctors treated his ailments...
Fuck.  Why in the hell would they send this man to Vancouver broke and penniless in the dead of winter?  Honestly, what the fuck kind of barbaric immigration system do we have here?  What happened to Warren was just wrong, wrong on so many levels that it can't be explained here, from the back room scheming by the South Miami Police that got him detained to the archaic legal records system that somehow was unable to find a single document or transcript to help get this poor man out of Krome.  I don't wish what happened to this man on my worst enemy, all I can say to those involved with putting this man in Krome and subsequently having him deported is that payback is going to be a bitch.


  1. you bet payback is coming and it is going to be a bitch.
    prepare your fat ass, you know who you are.
    and whoever wants to protect the "fat ass" should watch out for their own ass.

  2. The people who did this should rot in hell.

  3. How much longer are the citizens and cops going to suffer with this asshole in power. They should do a vote of no confidence with the police department you will be surprised at the results!