Thursday, February 21, 2013

Embattled City of South Miami Police Chief Orlando Martinez de Castro issues a mea culpa regarding the Airways Auto Tag agency scandal.

Just when things were getting a little boring regarding the embattled City of South Miami Police Chief, Orlando Martinez de Castro, and the mess he created by sending city business over to his wife's tag agency, we get an anonymous email that manages to stir the pot up again.  

Now before we go ahead and post up the email, think about the circumstances, I bust the city sending business over to the chief's wife's tag agency, a tag agency well outside the City of South Miami city limits.  According to my sources and the witnesses that I interviewed, the Chief routinely sent city business to his wife's tag agency, not only did he have people from the city travel ten or so miles to his wife's tag agency to transact business but according to several of the tag agency's ex employees, the chief would bring home tag work from the city and give it to his wife who would bring it back the following evening for the chief to bring back to the city.  All well and good, right?  As we now know, my version of events was good enough for not only the Miami Herald to pick up but it was credible enough that the Miami Dade County Ethics Commission went ahead and conducted an investigation into the matter and ultimately ended up charging the chief with four ethics violations.

Now, let's put the shoe on the other foot for a moment and look at things from the Chief's perspective.  According to the Chief, he had no idea that the city was taking business over to his wife's tag agency and in fact it was Major Ana Baixauli who approved and conducted these transactions without his knowledge.  Ok, for the sake of argument, let's be fair and say that the chief's explanation is plausible.  Now, if you were in the chief's position, how would you feel about this situation?  Think about it for a moment, some jerk with a blog on the last page of the internet outs some embarrassing business transactions between your employer and your wife's business, the Miami Herald picks up the story and further spreads this embarrassing story and all the while according to his explanation, he had nothing to do with the whole deal and even worse, the whole mess was orchestrated by one of his underlings, Major Baixauli, how would you feel if you were the chief?  I know if I was in his shoes, I'd be rip roaring mad, I'd of walked into the police department and ripped Major Baixauli a new asshole and held her responsible for what went down.  

Strangely enough, that's not what happened.  Instead of holding those that were allegedly accountable for this mess that was visited upon the chief, the chief goes ahead and sends out an email apologizing for the mess that he created, take a look at the email for yourselves...

Wait a minute!  WTF!

The chief's apologizing for sending business over to his wife's tag agency!  I thought it was Baixauli's fault?  What would the chief be apologizing if it wasn't his fault?  Why the hell isn't there an email or any kind of record for the chief reprimanding the Major?  LOL!

This is only the beginning of the email, we'll discuss the rest of the email tomorrow.  Till then, thanks again to the reader who sent me the email and as always, if you have something you'd like to send me anonymously, go to and fire away!


  1. WOW, this gets crazier as we go along.
    The Chief sends an email to Hector and Baixauli, apologizing for the mess he created.
    Mess is an understatement of what he created in the City of South Miami.
    What gets me is, why then does NOT the MDC Ethics Commission and Slow Foot Joe move forward, they have delayed this hearing process and for what, and why NOT is the States Attorneys Office moving on this.

    This is more then just taking our cities business to a family members tag agency!

  2. Another illiterate Cuban cop. For fucks sake, did this guy make it past the third grade?

    1. BA in Public Administration (Magna Cum Laude) from Biscayne College.

      MS in Human Relations from Biscayne College.

      Biscayne College is now St. Thomas University.

      amazing, huh?

  3. Biscayne College aka St Thomas University was involved in a degree for favor programs when OMC got his degrees. A professor there named Armando Pomar got caught in this adventure in which various City of Miami officials including then City Manager Cesar Odio received bogus degrees from that institution. Included in the group was former Communications Director Hiram Gomez who did not speak a word of English. These degrees were handed out back when OMC was in the City of Miami, PD and was a top associate of then chief Harms. The validity of OMC degrees should be checked as when we were in high school at La Salle High, he was one of dummer fucks in the school.

    1. Interesting. OMC was awarded his MS degree there after one year. Pretty quick work.

  4. Martinez de Castro's Keystone Cop buddy, ex-City Manager Hector Mirable, received his "Doctorate" from Capella University, an online, for-profit university. Perhaps his thesis there was "How to Be a Professional Douche-Bag", or, "Managing a City Government led by Ex-Cops with Bogus Degrees."

    1. Your second guess was closer than your first. It was about police leadership. The most interesting conclusion was that most police chiefs become unmanageable after 4-5 years on the job.

  5. Now, Now, let’s not accuse this man of buying his degrees.

    It was a legitimate purchase from his hard earned income while working with MDPD, and of diverting the MDPD business to his family and friends? This is his just rewards.

    Son of Bitch, with all the hard work that people are doing to pay there taxes,keep thier homes, food on the table, cloths on children, care for family, and .... this shit is doing the I'd do you now, and you can do me later?