Monday, June 20, 2011

Great news for Deutche Bank, it looks like the may have a chance to get some of their money bank from former City of Miami CFO Larry Spring! Also, what's in a name? Another angle on the Plantation Cops mortgage fraud case aka "Operation Copout"


You all remember the City of Miami's former CFO and "financial guru" Larry Spring, don't you?  In case you've forgotten, the "financial guru" had purchased his mothers home, stripped all the equity out of it then let it fall into foreclosure finally ending up with a nearly $250,000 judgement against Mr. Spring in favor of Deutche Bank.  

Larry Spring 14421 Polk Street Final Judgement

No big deal right?  Just another worthless judgement that the bank will never collect?  WRONG!  Today we learned from our friends over at the Crespo-Gram report that Mr. Spring is about to come into a shitload of money...

According to the documents that Mr. Crespo has unearthed, Mr. Spring is about to receive $125,734.56 for retiring from his post as the City's CFO.  I wonder, since there's no record of a satisfaction of judgement for the outstanding debt Mr. Spring has to Deutche Bank, isn't he still on the hook for the money he owes to the bank?  If indeed he is still indebted to the bank, since both Deutche Bank and Morgan Stanley both received federal bailout money, Mr. Spring actually owes the money to the American taxpayer as well!  With that in mind, do you think Mr. Spring is going to run and hand over the proceeds of his severance package to the banks who have a six figure judgement against him?  Somehow I doubt it.  If you do feel that Mr Spring aka the City of Miami's "Financial guru" should pay back the money he rightfully owes, then you may want to contact the attorney who got the judgement against him.  From the recorded final judgement...

That would be Meaghan Dunne Esq who can be contacted at I'm sure she'd love to hear about Mr. Spring's recent windfall.

Our comments section has been jumping this weekend, specifically the last post we made regarding the Plantation Cops mortgage fraud trial.  From the comments we get this gem...
I've asked this several times... Why only the cops? Why not rene or matts family members? Why was this whole case called" Operation Copout" in 2008, when the officers were never even interviewed yet??? Let's call a spade a spade...
WTF?  This is the first time I've heard the Plantation Cops case referred to as "Operation Copout".  Take another look at that comment, think for a moment if the commenter is correct and the operation was labeled "Copout", does that mean that the feds went in from the get go to bring down fellow law enforcement officers?  Could this explain why the feds have all but ignored the hundreds if not thousands of frauds the mortgage brokers Rene Rodriguez and Matt Gulla have been involved in?  We'll have to take a closer look at this angle...


  1. This is true. I was in attendance for most of the trial, and the phrase "Operation Cop-Out" was used repeatedly. Its a joke that there weren't more defendants. How can you single out 6 people, cops or not, out of thousands of loans Matt and Rene did over the course of their careers?

  2. Couldn't the "cop" reference of "copout" refer to Guaracino, a former cop? But of course that doesn't get people stirred up as much so why think with logic when a conspiracy theory could be hatched!

  3. WOW-anonymous is at it again, everytime there is a good or correct comment about the "Operation Copout" he comes in with something negative or mean or nasty !!
    Anonymous, there must be a personal vendetta on your part.
    just saying ?????

  4. No Judy - the difference is I'm looking at things objectively while you have shown that you can only be subjective. Offering up a plausible explanation has no "negative or mean or nasty" connotation - why are you so angered by someone who thinks logically? An open discussion is not a vendetta...just trying to encourage thought

  5. First of all anonymous, I wouldn't call your way of thinking " logical". I believe the points brought up in this blog are valid. First, the fact that whole case is called " operation copout" clearly shows selective prosecution and prejudice no matter how you look at it!!!! The cops were never even interviewed yet which shows the cops were being targeted. Another thought... Why would officers openly allow investigators into their home without legal representation if they were guilty of a crime??? Maybe because they didn't know that there was a crime? Who are the real victims here?? The police officers! A commenter made a great point... How can 6 people be hand selected out of 1000's of fraudulent loans? If there's that many issues with fraud then perhaps the banks need to hire better underwriters and workers in general to do what they're trained to do.. Check for fraud! The reason this isn't happening?? The banks are in on it with the brokers to create deep pockets and they admitted it!!!! The officers have nothing but great past records and letters of commendations!! So Judy is right on, it's the anonymous blogger who bares so much bias animosity without once even trying to understand the realization that this whole case is nothing but a coverup for the banks and the mere brainwashing of the work force!!! Take a look at the facts and the innocent people who are mindfully made to take the blame!!! Bogus, unjust, and completely inhumane!!!

  6. Funny post by the last person - you say the previous person wasn't logical and then you quickly jump to an assumption based on your opinion about who was targeted. People posting on here can't be objective. To think there's a government cover up and that banks are behind it is patently absurd. The "copout" name could be because Guaracino is the lynchpin of the whole case and he was a former cop recruiting other cops to buy real estate through him...I don't see why you would have to interview any cop to know how the scheme worked. Why would cops allow investigators into their homes for interviews without representation? There are many different possibilities including bravado, a holier-than-thou attitude, etc, but I'm not willing to jump on a conclusion like you are without either of us knowing the truth. The case is about GUARACINO and that's why the cops were part of the case - the case didn't focus on Gulla and Rodriguez's 1000 bad loans - it was Guaracino and his group of co-conspirators...why is this so difficult to understand?

  7. Alright... I am not being bias in the fact that the cops WERE targeted. What would you call it? Thousands of bad loans for at least eleven years and 6 officers were hand selected? Unless your going to arrest all thousand people who signed loans with forged signatures for all eleven years then don't tell me it is not selective prosecution!!! Doesn't make sense that people with no records who are doctors, lawyers,and politically involved people signed documents for all these years yet the fraud came from the same banks and brokers? Isn't it obvious the crooks are the brokers and banks? The same people who have past records of crime and deceit?? I am a very objective person but when innocent people are getting attacked it fuels me.. It is black and white! Open your eyes...and maybe you should stop being so biased to your negative outlook. Take care :)

  8. Here's what i dont understand. FDLE is to goveren florida police officers so if FDLE agent rodick only wanted to go after cops why did he get to handle this case. it seems all mortgage fraud cases in florida are handled by the FBI so why let a FDLE agent handle this one. this seems to be a big fraud case reaching 100's maybe even 1000's of other people. shouldn't the FBI have handled this one too.

  9. Why is this case about Guaracino and his co conspirator's and not Matt and Rene and their co-conspirator's like bank reps, other mortage brokers they did this with, employee's at banks they paid to make fake VOD's. Dont you think that would be alot bigger then 6 cops. oh wait that might be everyone who was a mortgage broker in 2004 and 2005 then it would show what the banks did. we better not go there. stick to cops, fire fighter and people that make better headlines in the news papers.