Friday, June 10, 2011

Too damn tired.

Too tired after the Heat game to bang out a meaningful post today.  I'd like to throw a bone to the commenter that left this comment yesterday...
Can we please get an update on the plantation mortgage fraud case? As you can tell from the amount of comments on past posts - everyone visits this blog for that. Thanks.
While I disagree about your assertion that everyone visits our blog to read about the Plantation cops mortgage fraud case (our stats are actually higher when we write about the City of Miami misdeeds), here's a video that brings us back to the heyday of the real estate boom...

The two guys in the end of the commercial are non other than Rene Rodriguez (the bald dark skin guy) and Matt Gulla, the crooked mortgage brokers that pled guilty and are now cooperating with the government against the other co-defendants in the Plantation cops mortgage fraud trial.  I find the "family" image with the kids and all so amusing, while these career criminals who have confessed to committing hundreds if not thousands of frauds from 2001 to the date they were actually busted are out robbing banks blind.  They have the nerve to show put together commercials like this with their kids in order to portray a trusting wholesome image only to have them just a few short years later sell out their clients and business associates in order to save themselves from serious jail time. 


  1. I second the request for info on the Plantation case against Guaracino. Last i heard thru any news outlet or this blog was Guaracino's disappearing lawyer had returned to court, and that was it.
    Perhaps next week, after the Finals are finally over, you can throw us Broward folks a bone? Also, Go Heat :)

  2. Now that the Heat have choked away the NBA Finals, can we get an update on the Plantation cops case? Has the second trial started?

  3. When asked this question in court this was what he said. Mr gulla can you name one mortgage you didn't lie on in the last 10 years. Answer- mine. When asked to name another one he sat there thinking for 5 mins and couldn't answer the question. Lol what a joke