Thursday, June 9, 2011

Working as the City of Miami Assistant Fire Chief is Veldora Arthur's second job!

YIKES!  We investigated rumors of City of Miami Assistant Fire Chief Veldora Arthur having more than one job while working for the city a few months ago, we've now come across a new document that confirms that not only did she have more than one job, but that indeed she considered her job at the City as a SECOND JOB!  Let's take a look at this page from a 1003 residential loan application that we came across...

Amazingly enough in this application Ms. Arthur lists her primary employment as the CEO "Gateway Associates, LLC", she lists her City of Miami employment as "2nd job income City of Miami".  A quick look at the Florida department of State website reveals that Ms. Arthur has never had any role in "Gateway Associates, LLC", let alone one as a CEO.

I guess making over $300,000 from the fire department isn't enough to qualify as a primary income these days!  Tomorrow we're going to see what happened to the $1,132,740.46 Veldora had sitting in an account at Suntrust bank...


  1. Can we please get an update on the plantation mortgage fraud case? As you can tell from the amount of comments on past posts - everyone visits this blog for that. Thanks.

  2. Did Veldora Arthur ever return to her job? I know she originally pulled a disappearance act, but is she back, working and getting paid?
    Or was she suspended?

  3. Veldora has been suspended with pay. Sitting on her ass doing nothing which is her usual job only difference is she's sitting at home.