Friday, June 24, 2011

Putting things in perspective...


By now you all know I have a beef with prosecutors going after low level mortgage fraudsters rather than nailing the people at the top of the food chain, the bankers and Wall Street executives that brought down our economy.  The feds recently convicted former CEO of Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corp. Paul R. Allen of billions of dollars worth of financial fraud.  The sentence for his crimes?  Three years.  On the other hand we have a homeless man name Roy Brown who robbed a bank of a single hundred dollar bill so he could get something to eat.  His sentence?  See for yourselves...

Steal three billion, get three years.  Steal a hundred bucks and get 15 years behind bars.  WTF!?


  1. well violent crimes need large jail time but how does the other guy only get 3 years i thought it was guildlined by the amount of money you steal. he should get 20 to 40 years too. but he will turn to get other people thats why he got a small amount of jail time. think about it who can the homeless guy try to blame it on. another homeless made him do it.

  2. I heard the CEO blamed everything on Joe Guaracino.

  3. That asshole CEO should be doing hard time. I want to see him picking up the trash along the roadside in 100 degree heat for 30 years. Clearly, those how committed white collar fraud that wrecked our economy are getting off far too easy. Who cares if they want to rat on others, they should still be getting hard time. If we don't start changing sentencing guidelines, wallstreet, et al will continue playing the same games in the future.

    join the facebook support group for roy brown