Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where in the world does City of Miami Assistant Fire Chief Veldora Arthur live?

Great question right?  We know that she certainly didn't live in the two units she purchased that were part of the federal mortgage fraud indictment filed against her a few months ago, according to our readers, Ms. Arthur has always lived in Weston Florida.  That's all well and good, remember, according to the federal indictment...

...Arthur received a payoff yet had no intention of living on the properties, which eventually went into foreclosure.
Understood,  according to the feds, Ms. Arthur was nothing but a straw buyer, her attorneys contention was that she had no idea that the people she was associating with were committing fraud.  Ok, so how do we explain this letter that Ms. Arthur wrote and faxed from the City of Miami fire department at 12:06 pm June 27, 2006?

In this letter to the lender she clearly states that:
“In regards to the statement regarding my residency, I have never stated to any official at Loan City or any other agency that I don’t reside at 3370 Hidden Bay Drive, Unit 3711. That statement is totally false as I have been residing there since I purchased the unit.” 
I suppose that if we were to believe her attorney, the people she was doing business with who got her into this mess must have snuck this letter into the City of Miami Fire Departments fax machine and sent it off to the bank in question?

Things aren't looking to good for Ms. Arthur at this point are they?  As if this wasn't bad enough, we've uncovered some new  documents that are far worse that are really going to make you wonder who we have controlling finances over at the City of Miami Fire Department... 

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  1. Doesn't this qualify her for the Warsaw Rule; using an official post for criminal activity?? Public pension forfeit?? Where the hell is Rundle on this one?