Wednesday, January 16, 2013

An interesting thought...

I lay awake last night thinking about the Airways Auto Tag mess, the three girls that were railroaded by our favorite police chief, Orlando Martinez de Castro and asshat former MDPD detective Jorge Baluja when it dawned on me that the investigation into the alleged theft of tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars from the tag agency was done all wrong.

Considering the alleged theft occurred using computers and the internet, it seems to me that the jurisdiction wasn't correct.  See, the agency that investigated and subsequently arrested the three tellers was Miami Dade County, while they have the authority to do anything throughout the county, I would think that because the wires (internet, phone lines etc) were used, the proper jurisdiction would have been federal.  Take a look at the federal wire fraud statute and tell me what you think...

18 U.S.C. § 1343 provides:
Whoever, having devised or intending to devise any scheme or artifice to defraud, or for obtaining money or property by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises, transmits or causes to be transmitted by means of wire, radio, or television communication in interstate or foreign commerce, any writings, signs, signals, pictures, or sounds for the purpose of executing such scheme or artifice, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both. If the violation affects a financial institution, such person shall be fined not more than $1,000,000 or imprisoned not more than 30 years, or both.[3]
See what I mean?  So why weren't the feds called in to investigate this case? It's simple.  If the feds did come in they would have done a proper investigation and Chief Martinez de Castro wouldn't have been able to influence the investigation the way he did with the county cops.  More importantly, I'm sure the feds don't have anyone nearly as stupid as former MDPD detective Jorge Baluja on their payroll!

Now, go back and review the events surrounding the Airways Auto Tag mess, tell me, how do you think a real cop would perceive things?  I wonder if it's worthwhile to give the feds a call.  What do you guys think?


  1. this man is PURE EVIL. if this county, if this country can not stop evil and protect it's citizens, America is no better than Angola, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and other countries like those, where pure evil powers are above human morals, human dignity and justice for people. shame on us for allowing corruption to flourish here.

  2. Mike, you're getting closer. Orlando Martinez de Castro's tag agency is within the jurisdiction of the city of Miami. Both Orlando and his wife called the Miami pd to make this case but they refused, that's why he went to the county where he used his hook ups to get the tellers arrested. He wouldn't dare get the Feds involved as he'd end up getting his whole clan locked up.

  3. Mike, its time you called the Feds

  4. WOW this story gets more interesting as the days has grow into months and soon, months will be a year (around March 2013) What in GODS name is this man made of, what does he have on the others that keep them AT BAY, and off his ASS. It appears no one can bring him to justice. This case smells BAD, and yet the Ethics Commission, Miami Dade States Attorney’s Office won’t or should I say are scared to, or even better ARE not able to do the lawful thing necessary in order to bring this mess to justice.

  5. While you are technically correct about the Feds, they routinely turn away cases that could be handled by local law enforcement if it doesn't meet their criteria. Additionally, just because it COULD be handled by the Feds does not mean it HAS to be handled by the FEDS (Not in all cases, such as a bank robbery, etc.)

    Having said that, I don't mean to imply that the events did not transpire as you suggest. I honestly don't know ;)

  6. Go for it, Mike; call them! It sure helped Fane Lozman when he questioned Riviera Beach's jurisdiction in the matter regarding his houseboat. Give Fane a buzz; he's living over on the Beach now. He'll set you straight...

    1. It's funny that you mention Fane. My company was actually contracted by the City of Riviera Beach to store his "houseboat" after it was removed from Riviera Beach and we were ultimately paid to destroy it for them and dispose of it. If the world ever saw what that "houseboat" actually looked like inside and witnessed first hand the deplorable condition that it was in, I believe the public opinion of Fane and his motives would have been completely different.

  7. Hey Mikey, maybe we need that Prosecutor that charged Aaron Swartz down here to get Chief Martinez de Castro...Huh? You would love that, right Mikey...No Innocent people being railroaded in your blog, right Mikey??
    Must have been having another all-night smoker with Harris,Welch, and Stoddard...Remember "Puff Puff Give...Puff Puff Give"

  8. Which record is that, Mikey? You're still striking out at bat. Sure hitting a Home run in rumors and innuendoes don't count.The Tag Agency girls haven't been found Guilty or Not Guilty, either has Big Man OMC...That's your Record?? Bwahahaha!!!

  9. Do you really think Mike blogs about rumours and heresay. I don't think so. Mike does his homework before he writes a story. Get real

  10. I'm sorry if I don't believe every rumor, innuendo, and hearsay that a "Blogger" puts on the web.He put's alot of emphasis on future insider info, but then goes nowhere with it. Only 1 person has given deposition to the Ethics Committee. They have already seen that this case is going nowhere, so they are postponing it until summer to see if someone "Legitimate" would come forward with "Real" info. Not Bloggers Rumors or Hearsay. Capiche??

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  12. Wait, do the idiots that read this crap actually believe that Mike the one sided piece of crap does his homework? Mike couldn't investigate himself out of a paper bag. Talk about conspiracy theories that never come true. Talk about being one sided and protecting idiots like the Mayors puppet Welch. Where have you seen anything about Welch's ethics complaint that he plead no contest to and paid his fine? You won't find it here. What about one of the three poor little tag agency employees who lives in a marijuana grow house where her husband was arrested for possession. Nope, you won't find it here either. And what about the leaving the scene of accident that was so minor that she only received a ticket. What the great investigator Mike failed to tell you idiots is that the ticket was a criminal citation and in fact the pot head was arrested and will have to answer for what she did in a courtroom. No, you won't see that here because Mike is a one sided piece of garbage. And as for the city blocking your website, don't kid yourself Mike, your not that special, they blocked the use of the Internet so that the cops could spend their time doing their job and stop eating shit on the Internet while on duty. But what do you expect from a person that hates authority because he was arrested for fraud. And his business practices are great. Read what people actually say about his business practices. Mike has zero for credibility and does of you that follow his bullshit are as dumb as he is. Tell us Mike, when is it that the Chief is suppose to be fired? I mean you've been saying his day's are numbered forever now. Because with his contract it appears he's not going anywhere. Unless of course the city idiots pay his contract off. Can you say $400,00.00. Why haven't you said anything about the Chief's contract Mike? Is it that you don't know? Or is it that you don't want the idiots that read your crap to know the truth. Only two reasons the Chief can get fired Mike, a misdemeanor moral fortitude offense or a felony. Does your dumb ass belive that ethic violations result in either of the two? Your so stupid is pathetic. New City Manager, same results. The Chief isn't going anywhere unless of course, they breach his contract and get sued for even more money. Do yourself a favor Mike, write about something you know. Try writing about fraud, lies and conspiracy theories, you seem to be an expert at it. You see Mike, the thing is that no matter what you say or what you do, you will always be a guy that broke the law, got caught and now you want to write shit about everyone in Law Enforcement and those who risk their life's to protect even you. I hope you don't look for help one day and the person who responds is one you have talked shit about. What a great example you are to your children. Yeah I know, you tell them your standing up for the little people. But we all know the truth, your a rat with a problem for authority. Hey Mike, try not to blame this on OMC, it wasn't him. Oh yeah, you don't care, it's not about the truth, it's about your theories..

    Karma's a bitch ain't it Mike?

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    o ya, i do, i do. so, do we know each other, "sweat (and sour) heart"? again, yes WE DO. and you probably already recognize, this is Eda Harris. ya, it's me. but not to worry, i will not "blow your cover", at least not now. at least not yet. my definition of patience is extended time. so, sit tight, your time will come.
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