Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tales of extended detention and botched penile implant surgery from Krome detention center...

You all may remember the story of former South Miami resident, Warren Papove, the local handy man who as a result of the war between the police chief and several of the towns residents was unjustly detained and subsequently sent to Krome detention center for deportation because of an old minor drug possession charge.  Despite the fact that the deportation case against Mr. Papove was dismissed back in August of last year, Mr. Papove is still sitting in Krome.  

Mr. Papove has managed to send us a few letters during his detention, most recently he wrote us about a botched detainee penile implant surgery, from his letter...
Against my strongest warnings a friend has done it. Self surgery bordering on self mutilation. Listening to jerks who've spent most of their lives in prisons, a friend has gone ahead with penile implant surgery, inserting a heart carved out go dice using the concrete wall to shape it. Instead of using a razor he used a semi-sharpened fork to make the incision. I've seen the wound. It's a botched job and he's torn up. he now listened to my advice and removed it. I've told him to stop touching it with anything after using "the cream" as a disinfectant and to pray like hell it doesn't get infected. If it does he'll have to go to medical for proper antibiotics. I've told him that infections that make it up to the heart kill you and prevention can mean loss of limb. He's scared now and the jerks are mostly laughing at him.     If ICE gave a crap about safety they'd institute a one fork tray in, one fork tray out procedures in the cafeteria. One or two people could do this. Instead we have 1/2 dozen or more guards in a search line outside the cafeteria.      After passing through the search line the birds are fed bread, lots of it. Back at the Pod 1/2 chickens, burritos, Jamaican patties, Pop Tarts are eaten or traded. I could smuggle as many utensils as I wanted to. There's food machines (profitable) on the Pods so the search lines are not about health/hygiene issues. Job securitty? Prioritizing profit and job security over detainee safety leads to the ultimate release of a detainee needlessly infuriated and humiliated. Is that to society's benefit? It also leads to self-performed surgeries using plastic forks as scalpels.

Jesus christ!  What the fuck?!  Mr. Papove goes on to say...
As for myself, I'm starting to come out of a 'Holiday in Krome' depression, I think. Every day brings new challenges to my sanity and composure. This is Day 182. People who've served time might laugh, but they might not fully understand. They knew their sentences. They weren't subject to multiple unannounced transfers to unknown places. Their reason for incarceration was being found to be guilty of something, so they shouldn't be laughing too loudly.
Incredible.  This poor man has been sitting in Krome for over 200 days now and still no idea when he's going to be released or deported.  Needless to say, there are several South Miami residents as well as a few good attorneys working diligently on getting Mr. Papove out of the hell that he's currently in.  I can't fathom how the political operatives who got Mr. Papove to where he is right now can possibly live with themselves, especially since one of them is a known drug user themselves and considering that it's a minor drug possession charge that has Mr. Papove where he is today.

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  1. Newman got an email detailing Warren's immigration status from the snitch before Welch became commissioner. She sat on it for 9 months, and turned Warren in shortly after Welch got elected. The snitch got what she wanted. She fucked with both sides using Warren as bait.

    The really sad part is that they ruined a peaceful man's life who minded his own business for the sake of backwater politics. As for how they sleep, the snitch sleeps fine she has ZERO empathy and is a brilliant agent provocateur.

    I dunno how Newman does it.