Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The height of stupidity...

As much as I hate to feed the troll that's been leaving the nasty comments over the last few days worth of posts, I think it's important to show just how hypocritical the posts are.  Take for example this masterpiece where I'm accused of sitting around smoking pot with the City of South Miami's mayor and several commissioners...
Must have been having another all-night smoker with Harris,Welch, and Stoddard...Remember "Puff Puff Give...Puff Puff Give"
That's all well and dandy, nothing wrong with people who smoke pot I suppose although there is a small detail that upsets the whole theory of an "all-night smoker", first off, I don't smoke nor do I do any kind of drugs, not now or ever.  Secondly, I'll let one of the people the commenter accused of being involved in that "all-night smoker", Eda Harris, wife of Commissioner Harris, explain for themselves...
now in regards to the topic of POT. let me refresh YOUR memory, since you know it up close and personal. here it is: more than a decade ago i almost died. i had a very aggressive viral pericarditis, that went on misdiagnosed and mistreated for almost a year. by the time my chest was full with fluid, they finally diagnosed it and after spending time in most of the hospitals in miami, it permanently damaged my heart and my lungs. since then i can not even be close to any place or anybody who smokes ANYTHING, let alone smoking pot myself. so nobody in MY household smokes anything at all.
WHOOPS!  All I've been hearing from the Chief's cronies over the last year about Commissioner Harris and his wife is how they have an insatiable appetite for pot and now this?  If indeed Mrs. Harris can't be anywhere near pot or any kind of smoke, what kind of potheads could they be?  That makes this statement from the commenter even more hilarious...
I'm sorry if I don't believe every rumor, innuendo, and hearsay that a "Blogger" puts on the web.

LOL!  It looks like the one spreading rumor, innuendo and hearsay is none other than our favorite anonymous commenter!  Let's not forget this...
Wait, do the idiots that read this crap actually believe that Mike the one sided piece of crap does his homework? Mike couldn't investigate himself out of a paper bag.
How's that again?  Go back and read the facts and documents that I've posted over the last year regarding the tag agency case and then tell me who can't investigate himself out of a paper bag.  And lastly I'll leave you all with this gem from our esteemed commenter...
Talk about being one sided and protecting idiots like the Mayors puppet Welch. Where have you seen anything about Welch's ethics complaint that he plead no contest to and paid his fine? You won't find it here.
You don't say?  Take a peek out of the wet paper bag you're in and use either Google or our blogs own search function, if you did have a modicum of common sense you'd find yourself landed on this page from June 27, 2012...

WHOOPS!  WTF is that you say?  Whatever the fuck ever.  I'm done with your stupid ass and your grossly misinformed "rumor, innuendo, and hearsay".

Now, here's the takeaway from this whole bout of nastiness.  We've been given logs of when and how our dear commenter has been online reading our blog and commenting, how does this guy have so much time on his hands to make all these comments?  Shouldn't he be doing something worthwhile while on the clock?  While I have all the commenter's pertinent information, I'm not going to post it here, there will be a time and place to expose him, we'll deal with him then.  

Thanks to our friends over at Verizon who prove once again, there really is no such thing as anonymity on the web...


  1. Nice job Mike, Please expose him to see if I was right that he is a Police Officer. Love Ya

  2. Mike we all would like to know if it was Dora the explorer aka JM or The Fish aka JL. Let us know buddy love ya.

  3. yes, indeed, i have heard the rumors coming from the police department that they are "worried sick" for the harris household, because supposedly we are indulging in pot smoking. the thought was entertaining at first, but now i think i should elaborate on it a bit. in my comment of jan. 22nd. (under the post "an interesting thought...), in response to the WELL KNOWN anonymous who wrote a lengthy theses on the straw buyer being a creep, i mentioned that i had viral pericarditis and can not tolerate any kind of smoke. it happened in the year 2000, and what i did not tell you is that my good friend at that time valierie newman herself was right there with me and helping me with the entire fiasco. (yes, we were friends before politics) i hope that adds credibility in the eyes of the police department, doesn't it. the other person who was helping me with this issue, was non other than wayne brackin, the ceo of baptist health now, and the ceo of south miami hospital at that time. he knew all the details and helped a lot, i will always be thankful to him for that. till today, he always asks me about my condition. there are a lot of other people in this town and out of this town that know the story. but i think that these two should be enough to convince anybody of the truth of my story. since then, any time i would even smell from far away any kind of smoke, i get chest. pain and shortness of breath. i was invited many times by valerie newman to go to listen to kevin play, but could not go because there was smoke in the places that he performs. valerie is quite aware of it. i can not even go to places where our daughter performs, because of this reason. to say that ANYBODY in my house or even porch or even yard, smokes is the biggest lie. and i will end on this note: i would suggest to the ones who entertain this rumor - rethink your position, it just happens, there is no "pussy cat gene" in my DNA., and valerie will confirm this one for you.

  4. Thank God all is well with you Eda, but please, no one talked about YOU!! Tell your Husband and his buddy, Hizzoner to stop politicking for the legalization of the Wacky Weed. It has nothing to do with you babe. Maybe the Bump on your head from playing Bumper Cars at Dadeland shook up you brain cells, but please slow down, have some Chai Tea, plant your Marigolds and Shut The F#$% Up!!

  5. let me remind you - this is a free country, it is a democracy and politicking is an important part of the fabric of our country. the people will decide, not you, not me, not my husband. i do not tell him how or what to politic about. he has his ideas and you are welcome to have yours. for example: i do not need to have a gun to agree with the fundamental right of the people to have certain kind of guns. i do not have to SMOKE POT to agree that medical marihuana will help terminally ill people who suffer tremendously. it is a fact and proven. when a vote will come, you will vote what is in your ignorant brain. bottom line, educate yourself on the issue. knowledge is power. disrespect (and you are disrespectful to me) is an expression of fear and cowardliness
    and also, look at the comment that i responded, i am called a "pot head". and this is going around, put out by certain police.
    MY MEDICAL RECORDS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. my cardiologist is one of the best in miami, recommended by wayne brackin and could testify if need. my condition and the effect of smoke on it is easily proven in court. is that where some of you are willing to go?
    govern yourself accordingly.
    eda harris

  6. Hey Tricycle Bob I bet you don't have the perseverance to get into a running argument with Eda, Signed Bicycle Bob ( The guy who caused the State Republican Party to give Eric Fsen 30K when they found out I was on the bicycle campaigning for Ross Hancock, who came within 1,000 votes of beating Fresen