Monday, January 7, 2013

The start of a new year and a proposition for the Martinez de Castro clan.

Party's over.  After spending the last two or so weeks lounging around and doing nothing, it's back to the grind.  I apologize to our readers for not posting as I had promised during the holiday break, trust me, I really did need the time off.

Now, during the holiday break I had plenty of time to think things over, especially regarding the City of South Miami Police Chief Orlando Martinez de Castro and his upcoming hearing with the Miami Dade County Ethics Commission.  Since we started to write about the Chief and his wife's tag agency over a year ago, it never once dawned on me to see things from the Chief's perspective, I've always approached the subject of the chief's behavior and the situation with his wife's tag agency from my perspective, that is the perspective I was able develop from my examination of the documents associated with the various cases and incidents.  Perhaps there's an explanation for everything?  After all these years of writing about how unfair the cops and prosecutors are, have I found myself guilty of the same faults that I've accused them of making?  Whatever happened to "the presumption of innocence?"

With that said, I'd like to start the new year off on a new leaf and would like to afford both the Chief and his wife the opportunity to explain themselves.  I know that might sound a little outrageous to some, why would they want to talk to some jerk with a blog on the last page of the internet?  Let's not forget that it was our humble little blog that put the chief in the position he's in today where he risks losing his job if he's found guilty of the ethics violations that were levied against him and as far as his wife's tag agency and the three girls that they accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars from, I suspect if not for our actions throughout the course of last year, the three girls would probably already be serving time behind bars.

So how about Chief?  I'd be more than willing to listen if you'd like to talk.  I'm sure by now you know how to reach me, I'll be waiting...


  1. Bad blogger man, do give the man a chance to esplain!
    As an office of the law, no wait an officer that has 40 years of law-enforcement under his belt, and an Accidental Murder, please do give him a chance, an opportunity to esplain.
    Oh Mister Officer, please esplain me- how more then 50+ tag-agencies got passed by on the way to his wify auto-tag- chop-shop. How passing by Miami Dade County tags agency, which would have given the city much in cost savings???. But no Mister Officer, lets kept in the family. Keeping it in the family is what ODM does best. A very supportive fella would you say. Not hatting on him cause he his looking out for his people, but that is what ODM has done and done well. Oh, Mister Offer, will you get away with this violation? How many of your hommiez have you reached out to help you on this?
    Oh Mister Officer, Oh Mister Officer, Please do esplain me and to the City of South Miami how this happened.
    One can only imagine, the response: What had happen waz blah, blah, blah

  2. 40 years in law enforcement? Try 17 years. Or 20 if you include the night shift he took in Sweetwater while serving as Public Works Director for South Miami. Can we assume that skeleton belongs to Miguel Vives?