Monday, April 1, 2013

A blast from the past, is it finally the end for Alex Orriols? And what's this about a no confidence vote for City of South Miami Police chief?

Over the  weekend we received  the following comment regarding one of the original characters in one of the first frauds we discussed here on our blog...
Mary HolmesMarch 30, 2013 at 5:44 PMThis message is for person who created this blog, you have made difference! This blog has captured the eyes of the appropriate agencies and has led to ALEX ORRIOLS ARREST!!!!!
Along with that comment, we received the following pictures that seems to depict the United States Marshals service along with several police officers in front of Mr. Orriols business, Bluefin Marine...

If indeed the authorities finally arrested Mr. Orriols as a result of our investigative work here on this blog, then all I can say is IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME!  For those of you who don't remember Mr. Orriols or his role in the fraud that brought about the genesis of this blog, you can read up on him here.  Based on our investigative work, Mr. Orriols was smack dab in the middle of a major multi million  dollar financial fraud ring  yet despite how week and implausible his explanations were to law enforcement, he always managed to get away.  Years ago I figured if I were to lay out exactly how piss poor his explanations to law enforcement were and provide documentation to back up as much that sooner or later the cops would catch up with him. I suppose that's precisely what's happened.

On another note, I came across a couple of interesting posts over at the South Miami section of the police forum, take a look for yourselves...
 OMC's Vote of ConfidencePostby Swift Justice » 03/31/13 10:16:10
I see a lot of meaningless writing on this board. It is good to vent though, however, once in a while I will read things that just harm people’s reputation and really have no substance. Ironically, I just finished reading that OMC and Ken Harms are the best choices for SMPD. Well let’s take a quick poll and see what the guys from inside SMPD say. I ask the outside members to please refrain and really hold back from intervening. I know how tempting such a question can be especially given these two characters’ reputation. 
The next thing I pose, is an actual vote of confidence. A real one! Let the numbers speak for themselves. No propaganda, no politics, just the facts.
While the intentions of the poster are good, I suspect that there idea for a vote of confidence is going to go no where.  Why do I think so?  Simple, first and foremost, the chief and his supporters have some sort of influence over the people who control the South Miami section of that forum, does anyone remember when negative comments and threads regarding the chief kept getting deleted from the board?  In case you forgot, we covered it here.  Secondly, if the chief has a friend or supporter that's moderating that subsection of the South Miami forum then that same moderator has access to all the IP addresses of anyone that posts on the forum.  The IP addresses along with the resources a law enforcement officer has at their disposal makes it a breeze to be able to identify whoever is making the derogatory posts about the chief or his department therefore making it impossible to have a proper vote of no confidence.  

We also came across this bit on the LeoAffairs forum...
chiefs n stuff..Postby thereporter » 03/24/13 21:56:50
So apparently our chief is out and a major from city of miami is taking his place. That's what they're saying on the city page at least :devil: yaaaayyyy!!
What's that all about?  Anyone care to fill us in?  Also, if anyone can figure out a way to use our blog to conduct some sort of vote of no confidence for the City of South Miami Police chief Orlando Martinez de Castro, we''re all ears!


  1. Mike, try adobe pro distr...


  3. Also, give Survey Monkey a try, its free and user friendly.


  5. is there anything in the collective bargaining agreement between the PBA and South Miami that would prevent the City Attorney, or the City Manager from conducting the ANONYMOUS vote?