Monday, April 8, 2013

Honestly AT&T, WTF???

I have no idea wtf is going on over at AT&T, I've been without internet access from both home and work for almost a week now. Despite spending several hours on the phone with call centers from all over the world, the best they can do is promise that I'll have Internet access at some point tomorrow.
Since I'm not find of making posts from my phone, hopefully we'll be back up and running tomorrow. Till then...


  1. Mike, time to change to comcast. I did and love it...

    1. The only company I hate more than AT&T is f-ing Comcast! Hopefully this mess will be over with by mid day tomorrow.

  2. You can thank OMC and his buddy Julio Robaina for the ATT shutdown. It will continue to happen if you stay with ATT. By the way Comcast will have the same issue with people inside close to this two individuals.

  3. try satellite internet:
    or bundled by DirectV