Tuesday, April 2, 2013

WHOOPS! We made a mistake regarding the LeoAffairs police message board.

Yesterday while discussing a post on the South Miami section of the LeoAffairs website, we suggested the following...
Secondly, if the chief has a friend or supporter that's moderating that subsection of the South Miami forum then that same moderator has access to all the IP addresses of anyone that posts on the forum. The IP addresses along with the resources a law enforcement officer has at their disposal makes it a breeze to be able to identify whoever is making the derogatory posts about the chief or his department therefore making it impossible to have a proper vote of no confidence.
After posting that, one of our readers sent us this excerpt from the LeoAffairs website...
Moderators are unpaid volunteers assigned to Message Boards. They are responsible for enforcing the Terms of Use by Deleting inappropriate content, Editing content on rare occasions and Submitting the worst offenders for Banning. Moderators should read through new content on their respective Message Boards on a daily basis and, when this is impractical, the use of additional Moderators can be arranged. Moderators should also access the Moderator Forum at least weekly for updates, training, etc. Moderators are also encouraged to post frequently as the Moderator, Themselves and Anonymously. Moderators’ identities are strictly confidential and, those whose identities have been compromised will be removed. Moderators DO NOT have access to IP addresses.Ok, if you say so!  I was basing what I said on my own experience moderating internet forums where the moderators have complete access to posters IP addresses as well as registration info.  I suppose that it's entirely possible that the LeoAffairs website is set up completely differently.
Now with that out of the way, someone has actually forwarded us anonymous letters written by South Miami police officers complaining about the chief and how he runs his police department.  Stay tuned, we'll post those letters tomorrow.

In the mean time, while we're trying to figure out a fair way of conducting a no confidence vote for the chief, I'm told by my sources that a prominent local politician has been conducting meetings with the Broward State Attorneys office regarding the Miami Dade county absentee ballot scandal.  If what they're saying is true, you're going to see a lot of political heads roll.  I'll update as I get more information.


  1. Let it roll, let it roll.......

  2. Mikey made an Error, a Mistake? Nah, Can't be true...LOL

  3. Can you get your hand on some data from "Offshore Leaks" regarding officials in South Florida?