Friday, April 26, 2013

Stupid lawyer tricks...

I have an intense dislike for lawyers, the only thing that I hate more than a lawyer is a stupid lawyer.  I keep saying that I'm going to post up the letter that embattled City of South Miami police chief, Orlando Martinez de Castro's attorney sent me, but before I do so, let me start by giving you a brief excerpt from the letter that the chief's attorney, Paul Totten, sent me referring to a blog post I made about the chief...
In fact, this entry treads on defamation as you are using a 2007 annual report to insinuate that the Chief still has an ownership interest in his wife's insurance agency today.
No shit Mr. Totten?  Defamation for suggesting that Orlando Martinez de Castro has an ownership interest in his wife's insurance agency today?  Seriously?  Let me give you a few words of advise counselor, before you go off half cocked threatening people with this kind of nonsensical bullshit, do a bit of research.  While your letter suggests that you've been reading what I write on this website, you must not be reading to carefully.  If you were, you'd have noticed this email that I posted which was written by your client who was busy soliciting business for the insurance agency that he has "an ownership interest in" while on the City of South Miami's taxpayers time...

You see that Mr. Totten?  Pay particular attention to the date the email was written, April 6, 2011 and what your client had written in that email, specifically this part...
We owned (sic) a tag agency for the last nine year (sic) and we have an insurance agency internally.
What does that tell you counselor?  To avoid an ambiguity, let's make sure you understand the word "we" which means...
Used by the speaker or writer to indicate the speaker or writer along with another or others as the subject
Get it?  "We" as in the chief and his wife own a tag agency and an insurance agency plus the email was written in 2011 well after the 2007 annual report that you mention in your letter to me.  

So show me where anything you referenced in your letter even remotely borders on defamation?

Whatever the fuck ever.  If this guy is going to be defending the chief against the Miami Dade County Ethics Commission then his goose is cooked.


  1. OMG post the letter!!! The suspense is killing me.

  2. Mr. Strawbuyer, don't pick on Mr. Totten. He appears to be an honest attorney with the impossible job of representing his client in a professional manner, way better than his client deserves to be represented. Imagine the insanely difficult task of representing a client who has an apparently infinite history of doing dumb-ass things that keep popping out on your blog. Poor Mr. Totten. Based on the chief's email and Mr. Totten's interpretation of defamation, the chief has defamed himself. The chief may next decide to sue himself for defamation since he is clearly his own worst enemy. So, let's ask some legal questions in case another of your comment writers is an attorney:
    Does the court allow for someone to sue himself? Does the Florida Bar allow an attorney to defend a client he is prosecuting? On the same case? Can the chief cover his legal expenses by selling movie rights to his story before the case is adjudicated? Can the public bring popcorn into the gallery of a courtroom?

    1. Gee... this is to much, my stomach hurts from laughing.

      Thank you Anonymous at 11:54am.

      Its been a hell of a week, but this lifts the spirit.

      Interesting legal questions to ask one self, and who knows, in this damn city, county, and state - WTF one can do :) :) :) :) all the way to the County Ethics Commission in JUNE. Word has it that a deal has already been cut?

  3. South Florida needs an Idiot Fest the size of one of those Brazilian carnivals.

  4. You can not sue yourself, Schecter v. Schecter Poultry

  5. Mike, you always amaze me. I love you.Keep it going...