Wednesday, April 17, 2013

And yet another letter from a City of South Miami Police officer and a well written order regarding Michelle Spence-Jones

Once again, continuing our theme from this week, letters from City of South Miami police officers regarding their chief, we have another letter much in the spirit of the other we posted earlier...

Same theme, same threats of retaliation against the chief's detractors, etc.  Could this be a case of a few disgruntled officers or could it be the prevailing mindset over at the PD?  We'll see, as we said earlier, we have more letters that we'll post up.

On another unrelated note, we haven't been following City of Miami commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones struggle to be able to run for a third term lately, apparently former commissioner Richard Dunn filed suit against Spence-Jones and the City of Miami in order to prevent her from running again.  After the judge ruled against Spence-Jones and effectively prohibited her from running again, Spence-Jones accused the judge who was a former prosecutor of not disclosing that he had previously investigated her while he worked at the Public Corruption Unit of the state attorneys office.  Due to these allegations of misconduct, yesterday the judge recused  himself and took a couple of shots at Spence-Jones while doing so.  Check out the order courtesy of the Justice Building Blog...

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  1. It is said that police departments here have been hit by an epidemic level of steroids and testosterone use for a while which explains the irrational behavior in the ranks but then officials are behaving super bizarre. What is going on?