Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Bridge Tender starring City of Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff...

Well, that obviously wasn't Commissioner Marc Sarnoff talking to a bridge tender but it might as well have been.  I get an email the other day stating that in his infinite wisdom, City of Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, want's to keep the bridges that cross the Miami River locked down for a longer period of time during morning and afternoon rush hour.  From the email...

"Proposed by City of Miami, Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, the bridge lock-down changes he is considering now, will affect all
waterway traffic.

The request is going to ask District 7 to consider temporarily modifying the Miami River drawbridge regulation: 33CFR117.305 (c) and (d); which regulates the opening schedule of the following bridges: Miami Avenue, SW 2nd Ave, and Brickell Ave. The proposal will ask to extend the afternoon curfew 30 minutes to encompass 4:35 pm - 6:30 pm and that no tugs/tows be allowed to pass during the existing morning and proposed afternoon curfews (7:35 am- 8:59 am / 4:35 pm - 6:30 pm). This request includes starting impacts at the end of April through the end of the year - December 2013.

Wonderful.  As if the Miami River wasn't already one of the most inhospitable waterways in the world for those who use it, be it recreational boaters or commercial traffic, now those of us who use the river have to contend with this asshat and his desire to keep the bridges down for a few more hours?  What's next, only opening the bridges for marine traffic from 12 to 6 am?  How about locking the bridges down permanently?

I'm obviously biased as a business owner on the Miami River who frequently makes the trip up and down the waterway several times a week, that's what makes this proposed regulation change all the more frustrating.  


  1. Isn't the Miami River a Federally designated waterway that must not be substantially interfered with? This seems like some sort of violation of the Interstate Commerce Clause.

  2. Mazyer, you need to investigate what OMC is doing to the canals in South Miami.He is arresting the Law Abiding Citizens of this great city who are fishing in the canals. His Power has gone to his brain and we are suffering too much!!! Investigate and Help Us!!!

  3. Sarnoff's voice sounds just like Mr. Humphrey of Are You Being Served.