Tuesday, September 17, 2013

For those of you who want to know why the Airways Auto Tag Agency case still isn't resolved...

A number of our readers keep asking us why the criminal case that arose from the alleged theft of tens of thousands of dollars by three tellers from the Airways Auto Tag Agency hasn't been resolved yet.  While I wish there was some great explanation as to why the case has been delayed, it's going on 2+ years now, there really is no excuse.  Perhaps the best way to sum up the situation is to take a look at this quote from the Justice Building Blog yesterday...
Law schools already churn out lawyers, the effects of which are price pressures for services in the marketplace. But you get what you pay for. And from our lofty perspective, the sight of poor families squeezing out a few dollars in the mistaken belief that a "private lawyer" will do a better job than a public defender results in lawyers who are nothing more than plea mills- incapable by lack of training in trying a case, and unable financially (based on ridiculously low fees) to afford to do anything more than plea out their client.
That's the sad truth behind most of the "private lawyers" running around the justice building these days.  They'll keep grinding their clients for more money, explaining for months at a time that they're working on the case, they're talking to the prosecutor (who happens to be their friend), they're working out a deal, etc all the while promising to take the case to trial and then finally putting you in a corner and trying to jam a plea down your throat.  You don't want the plea?  Well then, get another lawyer!

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  1. It does not matter how trained they are Most have or will become entwined in the Corruptions that comes with the job - especially here in good old MDC. Morals, Values...LAW - you remember the good old days very few have it now-a-day. Government is shot to hell in MDC and the powers to be are having a time with this. Strange enough is that now its affecting a certain group and WOW look at the stand-off we have now??? Back in the 40's/50's/60's/70's HELL today! But now its a problem??? cause the good old boys are getting their ass handed on a plate from lack of proper representation and letting a few clowns - or so you thought clowns in town and they don't play nicely DO They.