Monday, September 16, 2013

The fish demoted?

Last week we introduced you to City of South Miami Detective Jose F. Lopez who previously worked over at the City of Sweetwater and was somehow involved in the beating of 19 year old Peter Daniel back in 2003.  His involvement in this beating ended with Mr. Lopez resigning while under investigation for the beating after which he resurfaced at the City of South Miami where I'm told he became former Chief Orlando Martinez de Castro's closest allies.  

Immediately after posting the story on Detective Lopez, one of our readers sent us this...
Quit? Depart? No no no! That cannot BE! Dear Papa needs his little Ferminfish to stay right there with his sweaty ear pressed to the wall, gathering dirt and spewing bile on the usurpers of the Chiefdom, and preparing the dear faithful few for the Third Coming of the Greatest of all Chiefs. And so shall come unto SMPD the Rapture, and all who hold faith in these dark times shall be taken by Him up to Hialeah. So, until that glorious day, stay the Fish must, bearing his cross for Papa, even if stripped of his gold badge, even if put on motors... at night... in the rain... on Sundays... and holidays. 
Ok, now the day after I got this, someone else sends me this...
Lopez has a shit load of open cases that he hasn't closed... But that's not a problem cause he's back on patrol.
I take that to mean that Detective Lopez has been demoted to patrol?  YIKES!

I don't know much about the inner workings of the SMPD, but what I do know for sure is that Detective Officer Lopez, was one of former Chief de Castro's main conduits for information after his departure and still one of his closest confidants.  I guess the only information he'll be able to convey to him now is whatever he can glean from behind the wheel of a marked police car!


  1. Mike this is still very dangerous. The city is a sitting duck with this man in one of SMPD uniforms and his violent behavioural - past or not past -he provided while in position who and what he is and stood for. I have great sympathy for the person he ever stops or claims to address in the name of LAW?

  2. Nights, Sundays and holidays.....lololol