Tuesday, September 10, 2013

You'll never believe where shitty cops from Sweetwater end up...

We left off last time discussing a video showing a Sweetwater cop beating the shit out of a man with his hands cuffed behind his back who was being beaten because he wouldn't put his hands on the counter in front of him.  While this incident occurred back in 2010, it's not the first case of a horrendous beating at the hands of the Sweetwater PD.  Take a look at this story from back in 2003, here are some of the salient points from the article...
A 19- year-old man has accused three police officers of severely beating him, and says the mayor later saw them punch him in the head before driving them all to the station.
I guess the beating had the mayoral seal of approval!
Four Sweetwater police officers have been suspended with pay while the Miami-Dade County state attorney's office and the police department investigate what happened to Peter Daniel on June 18.
Suspended with pay? What kind of punishment is that? Someone please suspend me with pay!
Sweetwater Mayor Manuel Marono said that his city- owned Ford Excursion was used to take Daniel to the station, but he refused further comment.
Sweet! I suppose ex Mayor Morono was a hands on kind of guy!
A police report filed by another of the suspended officers, Allen St. Germain, said Daniel threw himself several times against the floor of the police station and the wall of his holding cell.
Of course he did!
Boros said that at the police station, police kicked and beat Daniel. At one point an officer lifted Daniel off the floor as another officer punched him in the stomach, he said.
Daniel said at one point, Boros said, the mayor sat next to him and saw one of the officers punch him in the head.
Is this how mayoral meetings go over at the City of Sweetwater?
Then, Boros said, the mayor returned to the driver's seat and drove Daniel and his friend, Danny Izquierdo, back to the station, where Izquierdo was questioned for a while, then released.
Like I said, former mayor Morono was a hands on kind of guy!  Here's the best part though...
The other officers suspended were Jose F. Lopez and Sgt. George I. Alvarez.
While I don't recognize any of the other officers, I certainly do recognize Mr. Jose F. Lopez. From the Herald Tribune's Florida police officer database...

Jose F. Lopez
SWEET!  So he's involved in beating the shit out of this poor guy, get's a complaint filed against him, miraculously the Sweetwater PD find no cause and don't discipline him yet quits while under investigation and ends up becoming a detective over at the South Miami PD under former police chief Orlando Martinez de Castro!  

I know very little about this Lopez character, perhaps our readers can fill us in?


  1. Another case of Steroids, testosterone and illicit drug epidemic at Miami Police departments, add to that low IQ and bingo, crime rate committed by police surpasses that of any other segment of society.

  2. Note: Sweetwater chief Roberto Fulgueira was an officer at MPD when Kenny Harms was the chief and OMC was his chief enforcer. The trio build a relationship from back than and subsequently when Fulgueira became the Sweetwater Chief, he made OMC and Harms auxiliary Majors on the force. It is reasonable to assume the Lopez relationship was build there.

  3. The Fish was not working the day of the Arrest. Get your story straight Mud Slinger!!

    1. If he wasn't working that day, why was he suspended and investigated, and why did he leave where he was approaching vested?

    2. Did he come in on his own time for the to get in on the BEATDOWN?

  4. FISH....your boy "hefe" is out, be courteous and follow suit. But no lawsuits.

  5. can anyone verify or refute that this cop was denied detachment to DEA because of a prior cocaine arrest?